Keep a Box of Troubles and Feel Better

Keep a Box of Troubles and Feel Better

Out of Your Head and Into the Physical World

In this fast-paced world we often focus on our troubles, worries and fears. Wouldn’t it be great if we could let go of all those negative thoughts, knowing that the Universe will help us out? We actually can! All you have to do is build a box of troubles.

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Different From a Gratitude Journal

If you have a gratitude journal, you have a place to write down everything you are grateful for. If you have a box of troubles, you have a place to store all your worries and fears. You should never store your gratitude and worries in the same place, so it’s important to have a box of troubles. You can go to a craft store and buy any kind of box you want. Decorate it however you want. Then buy the paper of your choice and use whatever writing tool you wish. Be sure to store your box of troubles where it won’t be disturbed by others.

How Many Troubles Can One Box Hold?

If you have a lot of troubles, get a bigger box. You want to be able to write them all down, on their own piece of paper, and fit them all in the box. The act of writing your troubles down gets them out of your head, and puts them into the physical world. And once they are there, the Universe knows exactly what to do for you.

Include What You’d Like the Outcome to Be

It’s one thing to acknowledge your troubles; it’s another thing to take an active role in fixing them. For each trouble you record, you also need to include a solution. For example, let’s say you have a communication issue with your partner. One solution might be to read a self-help book on relationships. Another solution might be to see a counselor. Now all you have to do is do the work and surrender to your higher power so that it can assist you.

Don’t Limit Your Outcome

When you worry about something nonstop, it means that you don’t trust that your higher power will give you exactly what you need, when you need it. But your box of troubles will help you surrender the issue and clear your mind of it. You still have to do the work to fix things, but surrendering means you know that the outcome will be exactly what you need.

Remember, your box of troubles can hold any fear or worry you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re worried about family, friends, work, pets or your health. Just write it down. Don’t hold back on what you need to let go of. But make sure you do your part and do the work you need to do to fix things. And once your problem has been fixed, be sure to remove it from the box. Now you have something new to write about in your gratitude journal!

I hope you enjoy a lighter, happier life.

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6 thoughts on “Keep a Box of Troubles and Feel Better

  1. Denisha

    Rana, I know creating a box for your troubles will help you. You will find yourself feeling lighter and with more positive energy.

  2. Rana

    I really liked the idea of having a box for your troubles.
    I have a gratitude journal but not a box for troubles..will definitely make one.
    Let the Universe handle it all.
    Thanks for the brilliant idea..

  3. jthomas

    I’m 71yrs and I do not have a box of troubles! But, I do- have Desires,Dreams.And I do exspect the very BEST
    that the Universe has instore for ME! I Pray.Ask for what I HOPE for.I do NOT Pray And WORRY! One question that I ask! “IS This A Friendly Universe”?(yes). Is the only Answer. And,I know My Every- NEED will be SUPPLIED. My FATHER God & The Prince of the Heavenly Host!! Is My Provider And Protector.(LOL)).

  4. Pop

    Great article, good advice the universe is all knowing all powerful. This reminds me of an old song back just after ww2 i think.
    went something like this
    Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
    and smile boys smile
    what’s the use of worrying
    it never was worthwhile
    so pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
    and smile boys smile.


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