Is Music Essential to Successful Meditation?

The right choice of music quiets the mind and heals the soul. Meditation aims to focus your mental energy so you can harness your spiritual energy and grow as a person. Put music and meditation together, and you might find your personal, can’t-miss ticket to Nirvana. There are all kinds of ways to use music and meditation for your spiritual advancement.

Some practitioners sample dozens of pieces of music, or types of music, until they find exactly the right ones to play while they do their meditations. The music might be a background for them, just quietly making ambient noises disappear. The music isn’t the process at all, it’s an accessory.

If music is an accessory to your meditation, choose something that can help your relax and let go of worldly concerns so that you bond with your spiritual side and find peace. There are musical recordings that mimic nature: Echoes of Nature: Morning Songbirds, a compilation by several artists, is a good example.

On the other hand, you can find recordings like the Tibetan meditation music of Nawang Khechog that some say is a meditation in itself. In other words, you don’t have to have guided imagery, or know much about meditation, or even say ohhhmmm to get the benefit. There are tools like meditation CDs with music built in – recordings by Lisa Guyman or Shakti Gawain are good examples.

You might hear that special sounds like subliminal messages – not quite audible words and suggestions placed quietly behind music – are essential to successful music meditation. You can find music sellers who will tell you your selections must have binaural beats or isochronic tonality. Is that magic? Well, binaural means that you hear two frequencies in each ear, and isochronic is pretty much the opposite, or one tone in each ear. These might be great ways to sell CDs, or they may be essential. It’s hard to prove either way.

Experiment with music before deciding how you want to incorporate it into your meditation experiences. Beginning practitioners can really find it helpful to have quiet, soothing music as an aid. Advanced practitioners can use drumming, flutes, or the fancy stuff to finely focus their energy quickly. Bottom line, if you’re sincere about spiritual advancement, and meditation is one of your tools, figure out what helps you discipline yourself, practice regularly, and enjoy the process.

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