How Your ETCs Can Change Your Life

Energy, Thoughts, Choices… Your ETCs

Are you living the life you deserve? What are your desires? What thoughts make up your day? Are your actions working for you or against you? These are powerful questions in your quest of owning your own power. It is time to look at what I call your ETCs (Energy, Thoughts, Choices) and how do these pertain to your goals and your dreams. That’s right getting to know you. Setting realistic goals and achieving realistic goals all start with a plan to get from Point A to Point B. Plans you make every single day start with ETC’s.

Many talk about self-empowerment or owning your own power and while it is a process it can be achieved easier than you think. Energy is the most fundamental part of the universe. So if everything we do is connected to energy in one form or another, then, recognizing and processing your ETCs to achieve your goals sounds pretty reasonable.

To achieve the life you deserve you must acknowledge that you and you alone are responsible for the ETCs you create. Accepting that you are responsible for the energy you bring to every second is a defining moment of your journey and often the “aha moment” to self-empowering you. When you truly acknowledge and embrace your ETCs, your life begins to change in a big way. Yes, it takes practice and training to maintain and you may have to keep reminding yourself that you have the power to change and the power to stop being a victim to the situations around you. Believing and implementing your ability to create your own reality is self-empowerment.

Do not wait for someone else to fix you or to save you. It does not work. True self-empowerment starts with understanding and acknowledging that you are a product of your thoughts. Each and every one of us deserves to be happy, right? Sometimes your ETCs do not align with your goals or the life you are trying to create, but it is still your choice to continue or your choice to do something about it. Your ability to recognize what obstacles stand in the way and how to overcome them, clearly contribute to the success of your goal. Often your ETCs work opposite of what we are trying to accomplish, creating a fog in front of your goal. If you cannot see through the fog to create a more positive choice, then dig deeper, ask more questions and adjust your priorities until you begin to see the one change in your ETCs that could result in a different outcome.

It is also important to forgive ourselves along the journey and remember we are human. Example: it is great to want to lose weight but if we choose not to exercise or to eat unhealthy than the odds of achieving your goal becomes almost impossible. You may not feel you have time to exercise but if your true priority is a healthy physical body, then you will adjust your other priorities to achieve your goal. Another example is when you have found yourself missing a past relationship. Is the goal to be in a happy, healthy relationship? Or, to put your self in a past relationship that obviously did not work? It is great to decide you want a healthy relationship but if we keep creating energy or hanging on to situations that are not satisfying then we continue to create obstacles that set us up for the exact opposite of what we view as a success. In other words know your self and change what is not working. Relationships are the key to everything we do. Be it a relationship with a partner, friend, family, and colleague, but most important of all is you. Yes, you have to weigh out the results of ETCs along the path to your goal and sometimes it may take adding a few extra steps but if the goal is important and achieving the end result is worthwhile to you, then do what it takes and do not take no for an answer.

Set aside some time to honestly analyze your ETCs and to discover the real you. When you learn to trust yourself and recognize the old thoughts that continue holding you back then you can learn to release them and gain the strength to face your fears, overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals. If I can help give you clarity or insight into a situation please know I always look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “How Your ETCs Can Change Your Life

  1. Susan

    Sometimes even the best ETC’s can not unblock a negative thought pattern especially if it has been a life-long pattern of doing so. Recently I experienced hypnosis and have never felt more positive in my life! I have the best metaphysical therapist that anyone could ask for. She sent me home with a CD of the session so that I can perform self-hypnosis.

  2. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Love this ~ ETCs (Energy, Thoughts, Choices). Great article on Self Empowerment Deejay. Thank you!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


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