How Psychic Readings Can Open Doors

Psychics are all very different and therefore offer different insights, wisdom and tools. Choosing a psychic is like drawing a card from a deck – you may not get what you want but will always get what you need. When you call, trust that you will receive what is for your highest good … then you may be reassured that you are getting what you really need. A psychic reading is an opportunity for you to allow yourself to be open to receive knowledge about what is standing in the way of you manifesting your desires.

Sometimes information is comfortable, sometimes it isn’t, but it is always well worth hearing – especially if such information expands your awareness. When you expand your awareness, your sense of self is intensified and you become more in-tune with what is occurring in your life. When you remain open to hear that which is needed to create change and choose to sit with it, you will be amazed at what you find. New perceptions and new possibilities are results of this expanded awareness and become available to you because you’re open and ready to grow.

You will interpret your reading according to the mind state you’re in. If you’re frustrated you may focus on the negative, if you’re positive you will most likely come away with more possibilities and motivation. When you focus on gratitude, you will most certainly be in a state of high coherence that will promote more clarity and further understanding of your situation.

During your reading it is best to be as open minded as possible – both in mind and in heart – this depends on how much you are ready and willing to hear and learn. How we create, how we grow, and how we love presents us with the challenges that can assist us to become more …

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13 thoughts on “How Psychic Readings Can Open Doors

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  6. Psychic

    I agree, for many people psychic readings is juste a clairvoyance method but for me it is also a way to know more about ourselves.
    It is more than a way to know what futur will be, it is also a way to see hidden things.

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  11. Gloria

    From a client’s perspective: I have had several readings on the same love relationship. It’s been going on for seven months now. I truly enjoy having someone who is totally objective give insight. The predictions for this relationship have not manifested yet and a dozen psychics have offered the same positive insights. I want so much to believe in their psychic abilities. The hardest thing for me is having patience. I vasilate between patience and optimism vs. discouragement and throwing in the towel. It is extremely hard to keep the faith after this much time has passed with nothing happening. But, I do want to hang in there because in my heart of hearts, I believe they are right. I just hope it’s not because I WANT them to be right. Letting go and trying not to control things is difficult. And, keeping busy and your mind off of the issue is key- although not always doable. I will say this though, with only a couple of exceptions, the psychics I have spoken with are truly caring individuals and I for one, appreciate that. Thank you.

  12. Jacqueline x9472

    Thanks Adrianna,

    With so many changes occurring with in relationship as well as career, financial, money matters during this time, one of the most rewarding things that you can do is get a higher perspective on what is going on in your life, so many times when we are struggling with a situation it is hard for us to truly see what would be the best point of action to take, this is where getting a reading, getting a deeper perspective, can truly bring clarity into your life.

    I was talking to a dear friend who was worried about a relationship, she didn’t know if it was going to work, she asked me what would be the best approach? I was able to bring out a perspective that she didn’t think of as well as the benefits that could accompany the action, she followed my advice and she and her boyfriend was back on track within days.

    It can be one of the best things that you do for yourself is to just get a higher perspective on a situation that is troubling you, it can benefit you and change your whole life as well as open up the door to a closer outcome.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    A thought provoking article…..

    Awareness is key in many areas of a persons’ life. And yes, I’ve seen a psychic reading
    open many doors for a client…..doors that the client never even knew were there to begin with. Or doors that a client may have suspected were there, but was too afraid to open.

    In fact, I see alot of that when I do career readings….because I first look at the clients’ natural Karmic gifts…..and I look to see if the client is utilizing those gifts in their everyday life and in their work/career area.
    When I teach intuitive awareness classes ,I ask my students to first learn how to meditate in order to be more AWARE , which enables them to receive messsages from their own Guides and interpret those messages.

    A psychic reading has the ability to set you firmly on your Karmic path so you can reach your full potential in life .

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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