How a Meltdown is Key to Your Transformation

From Meltdown to Breakthrough

Are you about to go nuclear? Does the slightest thing set you off? If your mercury is about to pop, you may be on your way to a meltdown. You’d probably like to avoid hitting rock bottom, but like the mythical phoenix that plunged down into the fire, only to be reborn and rise from the ashes, I believe humans can be quite resilient. I believe a meltdown can be the key to transformation and here’s why.


We live in an age where information, energy and communications swirl around us at lightning speeds, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. Before we’ve even had time to process one thing, in comes the next. We take it all in, but barely have time to process what’s happening. When emotions get too much to bury, they spill over like a loaded garbage can or they simply burst from all the pressure. This can cause not only emotional strain, but physical pain; sometimes both.

Meltdowns can happen to anyone at any time for any number of reasons. They affect not only the person experiencing the meltdown, but everyone around them. It is then that we experience a moment of clarity when we realize this isn’t who we are or who we want to be. We realize that we are bigger and stronger than just about anything anyone can throw at us. The one good thing that can come out of a meltdown is the realization that once you’ve hit the depths of despair, there’s really no place left to go but up.

“There is never a sense of failure, just another life lesson.” – Psychic Judianne ext. 5129


They say, “The universe only gives us as much as we can handle.” And though it may seem like a silly thing to say, most of us come to the realization that it is actually very true. You look at those around you who have suffered the loss of a family member, a spouse, a job, a way of life, and you wonder how they go on. But they do, and you can too.

“The universe breaks our hearts until we learn to keep them open.” – Psychic Shyla ext. 5431

There comes a point when we realize that we will simply have to go on. This is no trivial point, but it is a very critical point in our transformation. Transforming one’s self takes courage and determination that may not be so easy to muster, but know that you really are capable of doing this. Humans are far stronger and more resilient that we give ourselves credit for, and sometimes that only becomes apparent out of necessity to do so. Once this happens, it becomes really easy to see the importance of our lives and the people in them; clarity is one of the gifts of transformation. You start to feel renewed and ready for all that life has to offer. You are stronger than before.

Think of yourself as that phoenix. Rise above the ashes transformed into the person you know you can be and live your life with meaning and purpose and gratitude for even the slightest of things.

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6 thoughts on “How a Meltdown is Key to Your Transformation

  1. Gert

    Someone had asked me about the song but I can’t find where his original post went! Sorry if I psersed something I shoudn’t have here .my apologies again but I hope I answered your question here with the song .Andy

  2. Kelli5130

    Sometimes it seems we are beaten down in ways we can’t even understand. It is though we are a diamond being broken until our facets can all sparkle. It is when the thin veneer of of our pride is completely removed that our dignity can be revealed. This can be the hardest, most painful and even humiliating time of our life. Some how it does not kill us whether we like it or not.

    We are immortal until our work is done. This is why these painful times do not kill us. When we step out of such pain and thank our creator for these “blessings” whether we understand them or not because these are the tough lessons which have created us, we open ourselves to new blessings and joyful times.

    I hope I have not offended anyone going through

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  4. Sarah Jane

    Left out a word on the last line. Most of the time, what does not kill you does NOT leave you stronger- it just hurts like hell & does not kill you.

  5. slash

    Im going through a nervous breakdown myself. This article was so encouraging to me. I feel like ive lost my way in life and I dont know how to get it back. I work on making a better life everyday but I seem to be failing no matter what I do. Hopefully this year will be better for me.

  6. Sarah Jane

    Sorry hun- you have the mindset that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Sometimes that is the case. But often what does not kill you, does leave you stronger it just hurts like hell but does not kill you.


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