How to be Hopeful in Spite of Obstacles

Be Hopeful, Not Hopeless!

Hope is characterized by strength of spirit and an ability to overcome obstacles. It is believing in yourself and your dreams, no matter what challenges might stand in your way. And there are all kinds of challenges, both big and small. The thing is, they all create stress and stress can lead to feelings of hopelessness—especially if all you feel like you have are challenges and no obvious solutions.

But there is hope to be had, even when you’re feeling hopeless. Check out these great tips, try them out, and get yourself back on track to feeling hopeful.

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Take Care of Yourself

You are your number one priority. Even if you have a family, you can’t be your best for them if you’re not the best you for yourself. You need to focus on your wellness. If you’re not feeling good, it’s going to be hard to be positive about yourself, your life and your future. So make sure you are doing things that keep your mind, body and spirit healthy and happy. Eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and take time to relax and play. These are the basic rules of wellness.

Have you ever tried meditating? When you let your mind go quiet and block out all stress and negative self-talk, the peace you feel centers your spirit and allows you to refocus on your goals and happiness. Positive visualization during meditation helps fuel your goals, offering you clearer insight into a more productive course of action.

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Focus on Appreciation

When you recognize the beauty around you, it makes you appreciate all that you already have that is good. No matter what you are going through, learn to appreciate the little things. From how great your breakfast was, to the smell of the seasons changing, it’s often the little things that make life great. And when you add up all the little things you’re grateful for, you’ll feel more hopeful.

Put a Cap on Negativity

Unfortunately negativity is all around us. We see it on the news and we often hear it in the words we say about ourselves and others. Put a stop to it or learn to focus on it less. You are the sum of your thoughts. You are made of energy, and you get to decide whether that energy is positive or negative. If you’re surrounded by negativity, you’re going to feel drained and discouraged.

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Create Realistic Goals

One of the greatest catalysts to hope is creating goals for yourself and achieving them. Start with a small goal so you can feel the satisfaction of achieving it. And when you do achieve it, sit with the feeling of success for a bit. Then set a new goal for yourself. This time, make it a little bigger. Every time you accomplish a goal, you’ll get more and more hopeful. You’ll build self-confidence and you’ll realize that all your life’s goals are within reach. 

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Better, Not Bitter

When it comes to life’s obstacles, you have two choices: You can let them knock you down or you can rise above them. Life is full of disappointments, pain and loss. But you get to choose whether you want to be bitter about it all or not. You also get to choose how to react to these obstacles. If you’re jaded, you can’t invite hope into your life. So let go of the destructive feelings associated with loss and disappointment and instead, open yourself up to positivity and encourage yourself to rise above the negativity.

26 thoughts on “How to be Hopeful in Spite of Obstacles

  1. Janice

    its so hard to not be bitter. my husband walk out on me after 20 years of marriage for a woman he say is having a child for him. we do not have any.i am so hurt i can’t function sometime yes im bitter as hell. how do i get pass this.I wake up everyday with this pain.

  2. Marc from the UK

    Oh and I forgot to add!
    FEAR we all have it and we all need it, without it we would simply crash and stop. FACE fear, for you will find it is not as you imagined, in fact, they say babies only have two fears, loud noises and falling down! SO that means we create our own fear factors! yes we teach ourselve’s fear.

    My point is, for me to develop and learn, I had to face mine, loneliness, after 20 years of marriage and kids, suddenly I had space and quietness, my greatest fear, guess what, I embraced it, by tripping over, picking myself up, and learning. I love it! I choose to be alone, although I date, I now fear commitment lol lol!

    My point is, take each day as it comes, tick of each little challenge daily, and you will find that you have made huge strides, simply by carrying on, you will achieve !

  3. Marc from the UK

    Violet Rosa, a message from mark in the UK yes your messages are heard even here, I would start by saying we all read this CP site for a reason, sometimes it is to take from it and others it is to give, this for me is therapy, please take stock of your situation and understand that we are all suffering or suffered at some point.

    Your situation is hard, however you can choose how you feel and deal with it, I know as time passes, you will look at what’s happened and think to yourself what are the lessons here? I had ten years of challenges, which have been and gone, a lot of what you have said is normal life to most at some stage, we cannot be champions or hero’s without suffering and endurance, we are here to learn ad develop.

    Firstly please take on board all the lovely messages people have sent you, they are heartfelt and genuine, secondly find comfort and guidance in GR’s personal message.

    And lastly keep reading the blogs on here, they are therapeutic and healing, write in when you can, advise and offer help where you can, and you will find that the more you give the more you will receive.

    Talking is healing, listening is healing.

    🙂 From someone who knows

  4. Cam

    I hope this is true… and, hope that I’m doing everything in my power to draw positive energy my way… Although, I don’t think I am… It’s hard to do when facing so much hardship! I pray my turn around is coming soon because I need a break…

  5. paula

    I’ve had so much loss in the last 6 yrs . my brother drowned in 1989, my sister passed away in 2008 and my mom died two weeks later. I lost my beloved pet a month after that and broke up with someone that I’d been with for 13 yrs. It was a horrible amount of loss in a short period of time, but I just took it one day at a time. I recently lost a beloved pet a month ago. He helped me through all those hard times and kept me hopeful. I loved him so much but I’m trying to keep my head up and move forward. I just hope things get better..

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Violet Rose,

    Margaret, and the other ladies, gave you some very good advice ad inspiration !

    As a professional psychic, with 50 years of readings under my belt, I can tell you that things will pick up for you sometime by the middle to the end of this summer.
    I am sorry for the loss of your loved ones and also for what happened with your son.
    As for friends, it is normal to change our circle of friends every 10 to 15 years, sometimes we simply outgrow them as we continue to move forward and Karmically learn, grow, and evolve.

    As for your daughter, Margaret is correct, we all have our own path to walk and our own obstacles to overcome.

    We ALL ” walk thru fire ” in life at some time or another…..that’s WHY we are down here on the earthly plane….to learn, and grow.

    But my Guides tell me that, in the end, most of what you tried to teach to your daughter, growing up, will ” stick “.

    Hang in there, it gets better !

    Be Blessed )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Dear Violet Rosa,

    I’ve read your messages and understand your need to be heard and acknowledged at this very challenging time in your life.

    Know that you possess within you the strength you need to overcome these feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

    The Divine within me acknowledges the Divine within you.

    Linking arms, dear sister,

  8. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    A great article offering several points of sound, practical advice for lifting ourselves up when we are feeling down.

    Yes, I say “lifting ourselves up” because, ultimately, we and only we are responsible for our feelings and actions.

    It can be so very challenging to accept this truth when we are feeling hopeless but the act of owning our feelings and being accountable for our own well-being is liberating.

    Many people have difficulty giving themselves permission to take care of themselves because we constantly hear how love is sacrifice, constant giving or doing for others, putting others before ourselves, etc, but self-love is also important.. we cannot give to others when we are empty and drained.

    For this reason, I developed the habit of mindfully noticing grace in my life on a daily basis.

    These brief moments of really seeing the natural beauty around me, or appreciating the melodic song of the blackbird that perches on the antenna of a nearby house and welcomes the evening, or quietly observing the love I see between two people who are strangers to me… all of these simple moments of grace recharge me when my battery is running low and I am once again on track and hopeful.

    Grace.. love made manifest… is an incredibly strong force for joy.. and hope.

    Wishing you all brightest blessings,

  9. Margaret

    Dear Violet,
    It’s time to find the strength at the core of your being, it’s there, otherwise you wouldn’t feel so strongly hurt and disappointed. People make mistakes, forgive them and yourself. you did nothing wrong by trusting your friend, your heart was open, don’t let that make it closed, now distance yourself if you cannot let it go. Your son was hurt and you acted as a protective parent and did and are doing what you can to keep him safe. Your daughter is confused, guide her, let her know abortion is not the only answer, let her know that, help her understand, adoption can be a solution. Tell her that child has a purpose and if she and they boyfriend do not want the responsibility there are plenty of people in the world who would willingly take on that responsibility. As a parent of an 18 year old you can no longer make her choices, but you can hope she makes the right one for her. We all have a path to walk as well as lessons to learn,this is hers. But try to remember that even if disappointed she is your daughter and you love her and she’ll always need you. I hope this helps. And I have a hunch she’ll make you proud 😉


  10. jula

    Hang in there VIOLET ROSE. Don’t give in to despair. God will watch over you and your
    future grandchild. Be a support to your daughter. I pray that God touches your heart and
    heals you and your daughter. Blessed be..,

  11. jula

    to Violet Rose. I read that you want to die. Don’t give in to despair. Your daughter has a new
    life inside of her and really needs a strong grandma. Be strong for your daughter, promise
    her that you will be there for her and the baby. The father has no right to influence her about
    having an abortion. I had my baby younger than her and he was and is the best thing that
    ever happened to me. Then I met a man who insisted on my having an abortion and I did so
    and could never have children again. He threatened to leave if I had the baby, but he ended
    up leaving anyways. I’m 48 years old with only one child who ended up having a brain injury
    so he doesn’t want to have children and I may never experience what it feels like to be a
    grandma. I deeply regret not having the baby and often think of how different my life would
    be if I had another child in it. I have tons of love to give and children are the true blessing
    of this planet. God be with you!

  12. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    dear Suresh Chander Bagga

    April 24, 2014 – quote from ocean of dharma


    You can actually shape your mind with shamatha, or the discipline of meditation. Your mind can be shaped like Play-Doh: you can make it into any shape you like. If you want to make your mind into a horse, an elephant, a giraffe, a square, a triangle, or just a round ball, you are free to do so. You can reshape your mind according to the discipline of mindfulness.

    reshape your mind into a person of wealth –
    money does not make you a ruler of anything…or anyone. you are a mature man, own it and make the changes that need to be made so that you can uncover your inner happiness, which will help you to evolve and have a better life.

    us psychics work very hard to bring the best information from spirit, astrology, numbers, etc. to make our readings understandable and usable.

    I pray for your awakening and happiness.
    Buddha bless,

  13. EVIE

    This message is for Violet:
    Yes, I have read ur comments, I know ur life at the moment is hard to deal with and its easier said then done to look at the positive BUT u have to…I have never ever posted an email on a website but it seems to me ur reaching out for help I’m not a professional just a person that heard ur message. Please don’t do anything rash ending ur life is not the solution and yes all these horrible things have happened to u but in the grand sceme of things it is really not as bad as u think. So ur having a shitty year, I’ve had 5… Everything that has happened will only make u stronger. Sorry to hear of grandmas passing she lived a good life, ur daughters prego…you’ll have a beautiful baby I went thru the same with my kid…and now how empty would my life be without my grandbaby…and ur saddist….we’ll hopefully he’ll leave…sounds like a jerk anyway- ur needed by ur children…be there for them….much luv ur way.. It will get better

  14. Violet Rosa

    Don’t give up!!! It will pass,go talk to a good friend or see a counselor they can help!
    remember god eif created you for a purpose not to destroy your life.You are loved and supported
    in the eyes of god!! never forget this?Be positive,times will be hard but it will pass!!
    surround yoursethis helps!1lf with positive people! hope rthis helps!!
    People do care!!!!

  15. Heidi

    It may be great reply but it doesn’t work for us ADHD’s. We are angry no matter what, especially since I know who’s doing it to me!!!!!

  16. diane

    It seemed like fate to look at these words today as hopelessness just about summed me up. I feel like a light has been switched on

  17. LaTeara

    I am very appreciative of this site its like these reading always nail it for me this was exactly my feelings today and any time I feel hopeless I will look to you guys. I’m struggling with finances right now also my living arrangement I need to know if I’m on the right path and how to stop my set backs from being a constant any help would be appreciated thank you again

  18. Ruby

    This is very good for renewing postive think. Especially on a gluemmy day. With many health issues to get through.

  19. Suresh Chander Bagga

    You offer help. then why wish to speak. I have given my problem and sought help many times. The reply should have come to me on my e mail.

    I am short of money. And this is the only reason why I have to listen to so many people against my wishes and interest.
    I can command the world if I get money. When will I get it please revert.
    Suresh Chander Bagga, DOB 24/02/1948, 7 pm on tuesday in Delhi, India.

    Please send in your reply immediately.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Active 64

  20. Pamela Doss

    I feel pretty hopeless about a situation. My daughter in law is a philappines citazen and my son married her on March 25,2014. We have no way to get her over here because someone has to sign a paper saying they will take care of her so she won’t be on the public dole. We don’t have the income required to help her. She is a nurse and beautiful human being. I would like to know if you see her comming here anytime soon. Thank you Pamela Doss

  21. Elizabeth Clifford

    Thank you for the insight of my life. I find most of these readings are bang on my moods and feelings. They are helpful to plan my day.

  22. Violet Rosa

    This really hit home.. I’ve had nothing but loss after loss after loss this year. Seems like 2014 brought only Death and nothing but Negativity. My son lost his grandma on Janurary 1st., I lost my grandma on February 21st. My son was physically abused by a teacher, which led me to press charges. Yep, that’s coming up on May 7th. Oh but it get’s worse, My daughter’s dating a Saitanist for 2 month’s and now she’s 5 to 6 weeks pregnant, she’s 18 and is soo confused because her boyfriend say’s it’s not part of the contract and he doesn’t want the child. Abortion?? Yeah, she want’s this baby sooo bad but she want’s ME to help her go through an abortion. My Best and only friend betrayed me- Not a good thing. I’m emotionally bancrupt and physically crippled. I feel like a Zombie.. I have NOTHING more to give, there’s NOTHING left of me. Is anyone actually going to read this because I just want to die.. I seriously just want to die. My daughter asked me if she could cremate the baby. What do you say to that? I feel mind fucked, excuse the profanity. I’m Sorry.


  23. Pia Victoria

    this is great!i love this topic so much and really appreciate it..I had lots of obstacles and thank God step by step God is helping me to cope up with it each and every single day.

    Thank you and More power to you!

    God bless!


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