Healing With Color

Brighten Your Life With Wardrobe Color Therapy

Colors say a lot about how we feel. The energy behind colors changes with your mood and intention. How often have you rolled out of bed on a rainy day feeling depressed, and the only thing you want to wear is a grey pant suit? Snap out of it! You’re only making things worse. You don’t need to plan an entire wardrobe around color choice. Why not let color therapy play a role in your day? Let’s say work requires black and white business attire. Why not spruce it up with a blue scarf for tranquility or green shoes to attract abundance. Nobody has to be in on the secret but you. The trick is in the conscious decision to use color to your advantage. The intention to add some red for courage has a very different effect on your day then adding red because you’re angry. You can actually “ask” the colors you choose to aid you in your goals for the day.


Wear this to connect yourself with feelings of courage and power. Red can be used to touch your sense of personal authority. It’s a great color for stating to the world “I’m here and I’m confident in who I am.” Red is also associated with life force energy and can be a good color when you’re feeling depleted.


This is a great color for getting into a sunny mood. Yellow represents willpower, approachability, happiness, summer and making things go your way. Wear it on days when you need to manifest opportunities.


Pink and rose are both calming and loving. They are colors of friendship, compassion and romance. Wear a little of either of them when you want to make amends with friends or co-workers. They are both associated with Venus, the goddess of love.


This is the color of the heart chakra. It is prolific in mother nature—helping us connect to life and why we are here. It’s a fantastic color for attracting money and abundance, but its true powers lie in helping to open your heart. This is a great color to wear after heartbreak, coupled with sky blue for healing.


Long associated with royalty and authority, a well chosen purple can be used to draw out your inner king or queen. It is also a color associated with spirituality and can be used to connect us to our psychic powers. Wear on days when you need your intuition boosted.


Blue is the color of healing and tranquility. It has a deeply calming effect and can be used to aid with anxiety in you and those around you. It is also a good color to throw on when trying to resolve anger. Blue is the color of peace and is often associated with Mother Mary.


Believe it or not, orange is actually associated with the second chakra and our sense of sensuality and sexuality. Although not a common wardrobe choice, a little orange can connect us to our body. As with yellow and red, it is a power color and can be used to make statements of confidence or lighten the mood in the room.


Brown is a nature color best used in combination with other earth tones. When used with green or blue it can help reduce stress and help you feel more grounded and centered.


White is purity at its best! A personal favorite, white is quite versatile. Use white to lift spirits, connect you to innocence, cleanse your aura, reflect and repel negative energy, connect you with divine energy and make you approachable. White also doubles as a color enhancer. Wear white with a splash of whatever color energy you’re wanting to manifest and it will magnify that color’s effects.

Gold and Silver

They are both magical colors to be sure. Like white, they can serve as color energy enhancers when added to an outfit. Gold taps into solar energy, wealth, magic and fame. Silver is more feminine and helps to access lunar and stellar wisdom, psychic powers, the mysterious and the ability to stand out like a star!

Go ahead, play with your wardrobe. Remember that the key is the intention you attach to what you put on. Grab that yellow umbrella and say, ‘Today I will deflect the blues!” Throw on a pink scarf and ask the energy to help you connect to a new love interest. Most importantly, experiment and have fun. There’s a rainbow to chose from.

23 thoughts on “Healing With Color

  1. roda sampinit

    thank you very much… and nice and i like a color pink but i am very special i love white y favorates colors …. and good too…

  2. Haider A. Abidi

    I read an article of psychic Rowan
    “Healing with color” in my mail of
    July 26, 2012.
    I need to know the physical and
    spiritual effect of BLACK color.

  3. Char Campbell

    Wow I was so excited to recieve this source of information about colours, do you know what colours represent in Roses? as wellI will wear blue today and yellow tomorrow

  4. traci

    Wow its so funny that a month ago I cleaned out all the dark colors and put in browns pinks yellows and it works my mood is getting beter

  5. arise

    Want to read more about psychological meanings of color? Want more info on brown or black? Google the Luscher Color Test.

  6. Psychic Rowan x5423

    Re: Pat – ha! what a fantastic success story! See how well intentional color choice can work to our advantage. I bet you looked great up there contesting your ticket 🙂

  7. Psychic Rowan x5423

    Thank you for such generous feedback! Some of you have been asking about black. Originally it was included in the article, but I had to edit it out. In all honesty, I could write a book on black. It is the absence of light, and offers a wide range of meaning: intriguing, sophisticated, classic, powerful, intimidating, scary and sexy. Remember, it is always about the intention behind your color choices. Black can bring you down with it’s darkness, or intimidate others with it’s threatening nature. Yet, it’s also a fantastic color choice because it offers neutrality and a link to the mysterious. The absence of color can be quite calming and create a sense of both going within and/or emergence. It’s personal favorite for days when I feel confident. Think of it this way, black will absorb whatever you send out and help to amplify it. That’s why is so great for attracting a love interest! When you’re on, black will amplify how very “On” you are!

  8. b mullin

    This is great to have. I always where a lot of blue. Feel a sense of calmness and peacefulness.

    Thanks for the info

  9. Chad

    I think perhaps there should be just a tad bit more research done on brown I mean…really now. And ah…….did we forget black.

  10. wolfie Kandongo

    so interesting indeed! just learned a good and valuable lesson of a lifetime.! weldone and thank you a million

  11. Ana

    Wow i usually read my horoscope from work and almost never have time to write here. However, i could not resist to write today. This is wonderful and learned what i wanted to learn for a long time. Thank you so much Ms Rowan.


  12. G E

    Thank you so much.

    Excellent information and so spiritually presented.

    One understands Van Gogh when he talked of the light in the south of France.

    K R,


  13. joe

    my dear yooung friend at 62 years of age married and have step children and grand steps children colors are something the later of the gang use to comunate with but at the same time the colors i have sean was and are breath takeing . and i thank you for reminding me to opening my eyes and let the beauty in .

  14. Adeleye Atanda

    This is a very comprehensive information I am receiving from you as far as colours are concerned. Thank you.

  15. Pat Sharp

    A few years ago, driving into Bar Harbor MAine in an old 4 speed/stick shift, diesel Rabbit, pick-up truck; after full stop at a red light, up a steep grade and around a curve………. a cop stopped me and gave me a speeding ticket, claimed I was doing 60 mph. When I told my mechanic; he doubled over laughing……at the moment there was something wrong with the governor and the truck WOULD NOT GO OVER 45 mph. ( There had just been an incident, where I had to follow several other cars on the Me turnpike, speed limit 65 mph, to the Gov’s mansion in Augusta…….& the lead car had to slow down to 45 mph, so as not to lose me. The whole group knew my car wouldn’t go fast!)
    When I went to court to contest the ticket, I dressed in peach pink head to toe, shoes and bag as well.
    Of course I got off with out having to pay. The judge ruled that the officer had NOT HAD HIS RADAR ON, providing conclusive proof of my “speeding”, I did not have to pay the fine.


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