Find Healing Through Your Past Lives

Psychics Look at Your Past Lives to Help You Heal

I once worked with a client who came to me about her very complicated relationship with a man she was crazy about. She was unhappy about the underlying tension and the emotional strangeness that was ever present but inexplicable. She thought it was just nebulous stuff and that it might disappear and they could continue to date, but I saw for her a great obstacle in their path when I looked at her past life.

I saw a life filled with harsh realities, conflicts between the heart and the head and third-party manipulation. I was also able to cover other related issues that revolved around other people who were in her life right now who connected to her situation.

My guides are amazing beings. They allow what I psychically see for my callers to be changed and healed instantly. After my past life reading with this client, she said, “It’s like I’m new again.” She is now engaged to the man she called me about.

Past life readings can heal you instantly. There is no distance, space or time in the universe of spirit. Only when the issues are tuned into by a psychic can they be acknowledged, and only when they are acknowledged can there be a soul agreement to gain freedom.

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Psychic or clairvoyant healing is an automatic byproduct of the work I do with my healing guides. It gives you instant access to the root of the experiences via the akashic record. Healing the emotions happens instantly as a result of connecting to the akashic records. This may sound very involved but it’s as simple as you agreeing to have work done and agreeing to let my guides work through me to unlock your history and clean it out.

Wondering if you will hear everything about your past lives? Well, some of the information can be disturbing. The good news is that the guides will reveal only what you are able to handle and in a manner that works for your highest good.

When it comes to love relationships, past lives and love are intimately entwined because it is out empathic memory that is awoken and tells our emotions that someone has a connection with our life. Emotional memories cause your whole body to vibrate with the combined history of two people. And when it comes to soulmates, there is more than one soulmate for everyone because we have lived many times and for thousands of years and love has come and gone.

Did your know your current lover in a past life? Psychic Raziel ext. 5377 can tell you!

Remember that the mind is very automatic and it runs on what has been programmed in us. These programs stop us from using our free will. So who programmed you? Was it your parents, your school or your past lives? Chances are, it was all three. But if you let me tap into all that, I can help you heal.

Psychic readings honor the people being read—their past, present and future.

2 thoughts on “Find Healing Through Your Past Lives

  1. Verica Vera Voutsinas

    I am going true very hard time with my son,s.also my life is very hard after my husband,s deth.Please. If you could help me to understand and know what to do to strait out my situation.Thank you. Verica.

  2. Amanda

    Thank you, Raziel, for sharing your wonderful gift with so many people. It’s a powerful hold that past lives can have on us in the present and being able to discern the hold and release it, is ultimate freedom for the soul. Again, thank you for your article and the contribution you are to other’s lives.
    Love and Blessings,
    Amanda ext. 5605


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