Heal with Natural Ion Therapy

The Healing Benefits of Himalayan Salt Crystals

Nowadays, finding clean air can be difficult. All of our technology products, cars, pets and factories all give off pollution to some degree. These pollutants can clog the air inside and outside your home and work. They can trigger allergies and increase the symptoms of asthma and other bronchial issues which can lead to increased stress levels.

One way to help relieve breathing issues is to go into a salt mine or cave and just breathe. This is called speleotherapy. The air in the mines and caves help people breathe and feel better. If you’ve ever smelled sea air, mountain air, air near a stream or river or just after a thunderstorm, you may have noticed how clean the air smelled and felt. The same is true in the salt mines and caves.

The humidity in the air mixed with the salt crystals produces negative ions. Negative ions are also emitted in mountainous areas, swiftly moving water and during and after thunderstorms.

These negative ions cling to positively charged particles like dust, mold, pet dander and other allergens. This is what helps clear the air, literally. However, not everyone can get to a salt mine or cave or lives near a mountain range or swiftly moving water. And in Los Angeles where I live, we rarely get a thunderstorm. So what can we do?

One popular product is a Himalayan salt crystal lamp. Deposits of salt crystals were formed by the evaporation of ancient rivers and lakes. One huge deposit is in the Himalayan Mountains. These are salt crystals that have a space hollowed out for a lamp or candle. When the salt is heated and mixes with humidity around it, negative ions are released. The light that travels through the crystal gives off a red, pink, purple or orange color, depending on what other minerals are present in the crystal.

As the salt crystal is heated, the negative ions get to work cleaning the air. You can find a similar effect with the ionic air purifiers now popular on the market. If the air is cleaner, you breathe better, in theory you will also be less stressed.

Another way to get the advantages of salt crystals is to take a bath! Using Himalayan salt crystals or other salt crystals in your bath water, you’ll generate the same effect. Using salt in your bath water is also known to help soothe sore muscles. I’ve used this remedy on a number of occasions when I’ve pulled muscles or had tight shoulders from stress.

Try the healing powers of salt crystals for yourself with these products. With any of these products, salt crystal lamps, tea light candle holder or salt crystals for your bath, you’ll breathe easier and feel better.

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    1. Jacqueline

      Hi Holly,
      One thing I love is salt, actually the use of salt, what a pure healthy way of clearing and cleaning your air as well as your space, anything natural and natural based is always the best way to go, I also use salt as one of my bases for natural household cleaners.

      Blessings and Big Hugs!
      Jacqueline x9472

    2. misskrystalmisskrystal

      Hello Holly-Just reading about this makes me feel relaxed-I did some things like this in Asia, when I visited-I was so pleasantly surprised-And from then on, a big believer! Thanks for the unique article! Sincerely, Miss Krystal


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