Have the Courage to Trust Your Instincts!

Gut Instincts

 What Are Your Instincts Telling You?

How many times have you castigated yourself after an event because you didn’t trust yourself or your instincts? You knew how things would turn out, yet you ignored your gut and played along. Do you often feel like you know what to do, but you lack the conviction to take action? Are you held back by the fear of failure? Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. Here’s my story:

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A Military Reunion

I was at a military reunion the other day and a senior office, a General in fact, was taken aback by the way I make a living. How could someone whose life had been ruled by the need for a clear, concise, analytic approach to the art of war become a psychic, he thought. I replied that you can’t be a successful combat soldier if you don’t have psychic ability! Of course, the military would call it intuition, a sixth sense or quick thinking—anything but psychic.

Psychic Soldier

When you’re in combat you have to be instinctive in what you do and that’s based on training, experience and confidence in your skills. It all comes down to trust in yourself and those around you. To start with, you lean from other people’s experiences (both positive and negative) and guidance and then you develop your own abilities or powers. It’s very similar to developing your psychic abilities.

One of my commanding officers was one of the most selfish men I ever had the misfortune to meet. He totally lacked empathy and saw me as unconventional. He tried to interfere with and undermine my confidence. He was always questioning me and acted liked I was somehow failing. I did the right thing instinctively and he couldn’t figure out how! He eventually gave up on me, which proved to be a wise decision for the both of us.

Spirit Guides

I have to confess that I have had some help from my guardian angel and spirit guide. They’re the little voices that told me what to do, or what not to do. In my case, they worked overtime and one of the reasons I work as a psychic now is payback for all that they did for me!

Self-Esteem and Confidence 

So why don’t we trust ourselves? Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who want to control us, run us down, undermine our confidence and mentally abuse us for their personal gain. They treat us this way because they want to cover up their own failures (which they’ll likely blame on others). Lack of confidence and poor self-esteem make us second guess ourselves and we can’t trust our instincts. But, you have to take charge! Easier said than done?

Live Your Life 

Here’s my advice: Be courageous, trust yourself and go out there and do the right thing for you! Even opposition and a lack of understanding from military officers did not dissuade me. Trust your instincts! Have confidence in your abilities, no matter who tries to take you down. Your life will never be satisfying if you’re living to please everyone else but yourself.

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9 thoughts on “Have the Courage to Trust Your Instincts!

  1. Ben

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments! I would echo Gina Rose, she sums up the situation so well! ” to thine own self be true “. A good mantra if you are having a wobble! If you need something to meditate on use the Rune Raidho; It is the Rune of change and movement, the need for action and there is “no change without Action!” Because it looks like a “R” but with a long forward leg it can be summed up as “Put your best foot forward”. As Laozi said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” so we have to start somewhere and normally it is within our-self! Which gets us back to being brave and trusting in ourselves! I wont wish you luck, just go out there and make your own luck! Love and Light Ben xxx

  2. Ivy x5198

    Ben, thank you much for your time! I believe instincts are God given gifts. ( wow, thats a lot of G’S ) When I’m working with a client, I call them Red Flags. Hate em! But we need em! You’re right. We need to trust ourselves. If you’ve forgotten how? Well I suggest you print out this article!! Hugs:) Ivy

  3. federico silvano alabern

    It’s been years since I trust my gut for everything . I have tested it also, for example in traffic jams or iinnocent statements that friends would be annoyed with and it works. As I believe 100% in that I would not be so foolish as to test it in dangerous matter, but it works, close your eyes and go for it that it works.-

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ben,

    I enjoyed reading your article and really loved the last paragraph about living your life. It’s important to honor ourselves, and as the saying goes , ” to thine own self be true “.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Sera

    That is a very insightful article (written by Psychic Ben ext. 5772) about trusting our instincts… Yes he’s absolutely right that, as an example myself done it hundreds of times, not trusting my instincts, and to see that how right it was afterwards were so dissapointing… But I know now why after reading his article… Thank you very much Ben… Regards from Istanbul-Turkiye

  6. Linda

    I am so happy to have read this. I myself and trying to break free from my lack of esteem I’ve been in a30 year abusive relationship , abused as a child . I’m tried of being beating down my whole life, I have found some new strenght and am now expanding my wings and learning to be brave and stand up for myself. Thank you because I am very intuitive, being a cancer baby. I m on my way to recovering from many years of heart ache. Feeling like I’m making the right decisions.


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