Psychic Giovanna: Your Guide to Getting Grounded and Centered

Meditate to Become Grounded and  Centered

Most grounding/centering meditations give the directive to imagine a silver cord, tree trunk, or some other visual to begin the process of anchoring oneself to the Earth. This is the way I have always done grounding meditations, but I was often still feeling un-grounded and unbalanced. I would sit in a position with my feet on the floor and back straight to begin, and then use white light to surround my physical self and aura. I would then allow the image of a grounding mechanism, a cord, to flow into my third eye. I never thought twice about the fact that my cord or grounding mechanism was usually on the thin side.

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A Thin Cord

I later learned, through opening myself to other methods, that a thin grounding cord is typically a sign of being un-grounded in general, or only lightly grounded in the physical body. This explains a lot! While all of the prior grounding meditations I had been using had certainly been helping to some degree, had I learned a proper, or better technique, I would have had much better results!

The Benefits of Being Properly Grounded

There are many benefits to being properly grounded and centered, but here are my top three:

• Huge decrease in feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, panic and discomfort
• Noticeable drop in frequency of headaches, insomnia and other physical issues
• Increased concentration, clarity, focus, and connection with others as well as the present

Bigger is Better

The trick to a solid grounding meditation is to choose a cord at least as wide as your hips. If you choose to imagine a silver cord, make sure it is very thick, sturdy and strong. If you choose to envision a tree with roots as your grounding vehicle, make certain that the trunk is large, and that the roots are strong. Remember, the purpose of grounding in the first place is not only to anchor us better into the physical body and the Earth; it’s also a means of channeling away any energies that do not serve our highest good so that it does not become trapped and affect us in a negative way.


When creating our grounding cord, we want to program it for two purposes: The first is to funnel through any negative or unwanted energies or attachments. The second is to spontaneously release any thoughts or emotions that have been causing pain or dysfunction. See and feel these energies leaving you through your cord of choice and being absorbed and transmuted by Mother Earth. When you feel you have completed your grounding meditation, be sure to send quiet gratitude and thanks to both Spirit and Mother Earth.

You can now go about your day feeling more grounded, optimistic, in the present moment and relatively unfettered by the energetic clutter of old pains and others issues you may encounter throughout your day. Repeat as often as necessary, but preferably at least once a day.


7 thoughts on “Psychic Giovanna: Your Guide to Getting Grounded and Centered

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi G !!!!!

    Nicely written, very informative !!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    I always ground myself before going into deep meditation twice per day.

  2. Tinuke olosegbuhua

    is this from what you are thinking at a perticular time. when my heart told me some thing and if ispeak it out it comes out reality.


    I agree to grounding.. negative thoughts and emotions. Cause negtive effects..just a fyi
    Thank you for a insightful article


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