Give the Gift of Forgiveness

Give the Gift of Forgiveness

Your Forgiveness Means a Lot to Someone

One of the best gifts you can give yourself or another person is the gift of forgiveness. It’s free and meaningful. But not everyone understands what forgiveness is or why they have such a hard time forgiving. They also don’t know that not forgiving can have a negative impact on their life.

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What is Forgiveness?

Embedded in the word forgiveness, is the word give. It takes giving of ourselves to forgive another. As Alexander Pope said, “To err is human. To forgive, divine.” That is, in order to forgive one needs to be at a higher level, spiritually.

Why is It Hard to Forgive?

Even the most loving, kind-hearted, generous soul can have a difficult time forgiving someone who has wronged them. Here are a few reasons why we struggle to forgive:

  1. The hurt we feel is too fresh or deep and we are not ready to let go and heal.
  2. We feel forgiving means a loss of control, power, safety, beliefs or philosophy.
  3. We feel we can’t forgive without hurting ourselves.
  4. We feel the act committed against us is too heinous.
  5. We feel that forgiveness means we are condoning what was done.
  6. We feel that forgiveness means we condone the transgression against us.

What is the Cost of Not Forgiving?

The cost of not forgiving is steep. When we don’t forgive, we create a power struggle between us and the person who has hurt us. This power struggle creates an energy rut and it keeps us from healing. We cannot move forward. Painful memories live on in the present, only to be replayed when something or someone triggers them. We also develop negative patterns that sabotage new relationships.

How to Release Pain Through Forgiveness

I offer you this simple, yet powerful, process for forgiveness. It will shift your future and bring you more joy, peace and prosperity. It will also free you from your past.

  1. Do a quick life review. What pain, resentment and grudges are you holding on to?
  2. Look for the root of those negative feelings. Who or what is it?
  3. Imagine that person or situation standing before you. Imagine that like you, they are on a journey.
  4. Bless them. Say, “I forgive you and I forgive myself.” Be sincere. If it is difficult at first, fake it until it feels real.
  5. Repeat this process daily, or as often as you can remember to do so. Then stand back and watch the magic! You will begin to feel lighter.

Tragedy in Mumbai

One of the most powerful acts of forgiveness I’ve ever witnessed was while watching Indian television. After a bombing in Mumbai, a riotous mob was calling for a man’s death. But one victim’s family openly advocated for the man and pleaded with the mob. They said this man’s death would not offset their personal loss. This single act averted a wide-scale unrest. When I think of this family’s courage and ability to forgive, it’s hard to imagine that we are unable to forgive lesser transgressions. Let this family inspire you! This holiday season, give the gift of forgiveness.

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