From Imagination to Realization: Using the Law of Attraction

Creating Your Own Reality

The Law of Attraction says that anything you can imagine having in your life can absolutely become a realization. That which you give the most thought to is what is manifested in life. Justifiably, this works as well for negative thinking as it does positive; the Law of Attraction is absolute. So let go of those nasty, negative thoughts and replace them with some positive affirmations.

A Magnetic Life

You are a magnet, a being of light and part of the universe. You are the creator of your experience here on Earth. Without exception what you believe in thought becomes something that you invite into your experience. It’s not always instantaneous and just because you dream tonight of an Audi A8 doesn’t mean that you’re going to wake up and have it magically manifest in your garage in the morning with a big red bow on it—a gift from the Universe. But if that is your wish, you can definitely make it possible by envisioning yourself reaching that goal.

Ways to Get From Imagination to Realization

Okay, let’s use the Audi as an example focal point. If you want that car in your garage, you can get it, but manifesting it takes dedication to your vision and a real belief that it will happen.

“To manifest things in your life, meditate on the feeling of already having it.” – Rivers ext. 5273

• Meditate daily. Be faithful to your dreams. Envisioning them in quiet solitude helps the thought become alive.

• Avoid negative thinking. Don’t give up. If you believe it won’t work, guess what? It won’t.

• When you’re driving your current set of wheels, picture yourself behind the wheel of that Audi, feel the custom steering wheel, smell the leather and picture the interior. Don’t get too Zen though; keep your eyes on the road.

• Visit an Audi dealer. Take a test drive. Bring home a brochure.

• Make a vision board. This is something I strongly believe in. On your vision board you will post pictures of all the things you wish to manifest in your life. Keep it up to date and in line with your dreams and wishes as they change. Add a picture from that Audi brochure. Look at it every day and believe.

These five things reinforce positivity and you’re now one step closer in moving from imagination to realization.

Of course, it’s not just about things. The Law of Attraction is about abundance in our lives. It can be about your lifestyle and making it better or dreams to bring your family closer or to have a few really close friends you can always rely on. Whatever you wish for, you can have, one way or another.

It is said that we only use a small percentage of our brains. That fact alone tells you that we are capable of far more than we may even realize. The Law of Attraction says that you are capable of imagining your best life possible and making it a realization. How can you use the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance in your life? Try a calming chat with Shyla ext. 5431.

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