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What Are the Important Things In Your Life?

As I am looking back on the year that’s just passed, I cannot help but wonder if we haven’t gotten it all wrong. I feel guilty for having gotten stuck in the rat race that is called Los Angeles; always having to have the newest gadget, the newest technological crap, keeping up with the proverbial Jones’ and feeling no closer to fulfillment than when I sat out to beat “being poor.”

I remember growing up with awful Christmases, usually defined by people crying or fighting. I remember being so poor that my mother sat there crying because she couldn’t buy us any gifts and yet, still anxiously awaiting the “Christkind” in its sleigh, riding on a shooting star, straight down to our apartment, being heard miles away due to all the bells ringing. And then one small bell would ring and we’d run into the living room and not care at all at the utter lack of presents. We were thrilled at haven gotten one present. We never got to make lists. We always got to choose one.

But now I am a grown up and I live in Los Angeles and I can, at least in a superficial way, afford whatever I want. And while I have all this crap in my life, I find myself no closer to the bliss and happiness I thought I’d have once I have “money.” No, instead I find it all so terribly shallow and not fulfilling at all. I think I, along with many others in the modern Western world, have lost sight of what is truly important and truly matters.

So this year I am thankful for all the losses I have endured; all the pain I have experienced and all the things I didn’t have. I am thankful for remembering what it is like to “not have” and to lose those who are, and that which is close and dear to me, as it has made me largely who I am.

“Honor your own heart’s desire as strongly as you do others.” Claire ext. 5242

I think life was easier when I wasn’t chasing some imaginary status quo. Because the more I got, the more I felt I needed. So for a while there I got caught up in being exactly like I swore to never be. Luckily for me, I never really did take things for granted. I did, however, get used to working too hard and spending too little time with those who matter and that which should be most important. I think I need to regroup again and shift my focus once more on the important things in life.

See, I could spend the rest of my life chasing crap. I could be one of those who are never truly happy, living right by my husband, because I am looking for happiness in materialistic, dumb ass places that bring me no closer to bliss and I could end up regretting wasting my life and wasting my and his time.

I remember a time when I spent almost all my time trying to achieve a higher plane of consciousness. I meditated every day, I spent more time on the astral plane than on this one and I read a whole lot, studied even more and felt bliss. There was a short time when I was one with the universe; but like all other people I got bogged down by life and crappy things that happened. I lost sight again, then started hanging with the wrong people, for the wrong reasons and focusing on the unimportant stuff in life. Somehow I had bought into their version of reality. And hence, I became like them.

I unlearned all my good habits; I became fat, lazy, cynical, angry, and complacent. I was complaining, blaming and whining and gave up my control, losing myself in being a victim of circumstance and buying into my own crap. Fortunately, spirituality remains my foundation and sooner or later will always break through the walls of denial and superficial reality.

So today, I remember that anything is possible. I could simply start meditating again, work out again, eat right again, and keep at it. I could simply stay focused and remember once more what truly matters in life. I could bring out the person I believe I was meant to be, not the one I started to become. Today, I can make new choices and remember that a brain can be rewired and that new neurological pathways can be formed within a matter of weeks. I can remember that we can actually rewire our genetic makeup. Because now I know a whole lot more than I did back then.

In the new year, I could simply choose to start living up to my full potential again and clear away the cobwebs of confusion and falsehood. I think I’ll be simply thankful for all the subtle reminders that come my way, telling me that all is not lost and nothing is ever truly wasted; and that now is as good a time as ever to get back on track of being me.

Better I’ll start changing my faulty wiring sooner rather than later. So, hurray for a new year. Provided the unexpected doesn’t happen, I could live another 42+ years, so better get cracking!

“Going within and becoming the best of who you are is a spiritual goal.” TeriLynn ext. 9625

Blessings to all of you, regardless what you believe or do not believe. May you learn to wake up, be more compassionate and more kind and less self-absorbed, chasing the imaginary dream of selfish “I must have.” And may you wake up from the prison of your illusions rather sooner than later.

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10 thoughts on “Follow Your True Bliss

  1. Mark Taylor UK

    You are what you eat! hence you are what you feel! YOU are the key to life, how we view it is essential, I lived the dream, big house, nice fancy car, great neighbourhood! I was living what I thought was a happy life, but deep down I was no happier than when I had less! The lesson, be careful what you wish for, I lost a lot of the lifestyle but held on to my dignity, the superficial and the un – learned people in life may look down on me as a failier or missing the point! I look at them and think. wow can you afford that car? Mortgage? Kids bills? maybe they are no happier but stressed out to maintain the lifestyle! I have gained wisdom, love, respect and humility. And if I every won the lottery it would be put to good use and to help others, for that is where my satisfaction lies, helping others to be happy. I actually decided today that the universe will not make me a lotto winner! The reason is, i don’t need the wealth as I already know the value of money versus happiness.

  2. Kathryn

    That which we are chasing doesn’t have to be money. It could be a position of authority or of higher prominece,someone else’s wife etc. anything that we think we need and we think stnads where the grass is greener.

    THank you for the great remider.

  3. Devyn5303

    Hi Carmen, your writing touches me every time. Your honesty just floors me. I found myself about ten years ago in a similar situation and it is so easy to be sucked backed in! I feel that reexamining my motives often and taking the time daily to remind myself of what is important is necessary to keep me on the right track. If you looked in my office you would see notes and cards and trinkets set about that remind me I am a spiritual being, that the answers are within and I have everything I need, want, desire right inside. Without these visual reminders I would easily be led astray by the bright shiny objects in the store window. Great article

  4. Eunice

    A man decides to take a bath. He’s sitting in the tub and thinks boy, some wine would nice, so he goes and gets some wine.
    He’s sitting there and thinks some cheese would go nice with this wine.
    So he gets out and gets some cheese.
    He’s sitting there and thinks some crackers would go good with this cheese.
    So he gets out and gets some crackers.
    He’s sitting there and thinks……
    It is the nature of human beings to not be satisfied. No matter what we have, we want more. It takes a conscious decision to just tell ourselves, I’m satisfied. I have enough.
    For most of us, we really do already have “enough”! Just choose it. Just decide it for yourself. You’ll loose a lot of stress and be content, no matter what you have/don’t have.

  5. Desiree

    This is a good article. I can relate to it as found myself in the same place a few yrs ago. Jumped out of the rat race & began living my bliss in the city & state that was always a dream for me.

  6. Carole

    What a great article, just what I needed, it says all the things that we should all remind ourselves of. Just be greatful for what God has given us, life can be simple again, just slow down and listen….

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    This is your best article to date.

    My Great Aunt always told me :” Always ! Remember your roots and where you came from, no matter how successful you may be .”

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Cindy

    This was so cool. Loved this article–it’s up to us to make the right choices and we can all change if we choose to. Too cool.


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