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The fifth chakra, which is situated in the neck region, is associated with our soul’s spiritual right of free expression. In other words, it’s our ability to communicate and create. This energy center, called Vishuddhi in Sanskrit, enables us to discern between right and wrong. This chakra is also linked with playful detachment, diplomacy, and our capacity to relate to others.

When our fifth chakra is balanced, we speak our truth, listen with intent and live a creative life. We also display independence, truthfulness, and radiate lightness.

When this chakra is imbalanced, however, it’s a completely different story. And it’s not pretty. We display emotions of self-righteousness, secretiveness and evasiveness. If there’s too much energy (excess) in the throat, you’ll likely talk too much, talk in defense, listen little and have a bad habit of interrupting people. If you’re deficient, you likely have a small voice, a fear of speaking, or difficulty putting feelings in words. Incidentally, the throat is associated with the thyroid gland and also the ears. Thus, blockages have as much to do with the capacity to listen as with the capacity to speak.

Blocked energy
There are many things in life that can block the energy from flowing in, out and through this chakra. Lying, secrets and sending mixed messages are big ones, says Linda Darin, a New York-based psychotherapist who works and heals with the chakra system. Constant yelling or authoritative parents can also throw this chakra out of whack.

Throat chakra blockages are common, adds Christina Pope, an energy worker and massage therapist in Scottsdale, Arizona. “We often develop them as a child when were are told to be seen but not heard. ‘Sit down and be quiet’ is all about stifling this chakra.”

As a result, you could develop a host of problems. You can develop a pesky cough or it could be more serious and deep-rooted and affect your thyroid. And of course, since all the chakras are connected, an ailment can manifest in another part of your body altogether.

Ways to find harmony
Fortunately there are many ways to harmonize the throat center. Try any (or all!) of the ones listed below:

1. Express yourself
Come on people! Get a hold of a pen and express yourselves. Don’t plead the fifth! This chakra requires you to say what you need to say. Storytelling, letter writing, journaling and automatic writing are excellent ways to move energy, says Darin.

Why not make a fearless inventory of every relationship where you feel you don’t have a say. Remove self-judgment – this is very important. Ask yourself why you don’t speak. Are you a silent partner in a relationship? Does your partner make all the major decisions? Is it worth it? Did your mother have her say? In what ways are you like her?

2. Aromatherapy
Of the five senses, our sense of smell is the most primitive and most closely associated with our emotions and how our body responds to them. Aromatherapy can help you achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. It can become a part of your daily routine. Essential oils related to the throat center (including geranium, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender and jasmine) will relax yet energize this chakra – thus balancing our emotions linked to it, says Dr. Vivian Valenty, an innovative organic chemist who is originally from the Philippines.

3. Chromotherapy
Chromotherapy (or color therapy) uses color and light to balance energy in the body, be it physical emotional, spiritual, or mental. Blue is the color associated with the throat. Blue also denotes peace and tranquility. As a general rule, blue has a positive effect on all kinds of pain. You can use gemstones and candles to surround yourself with blue, or you can simply sip water from a blue glass, says Linda Oksman, a spa director and naturaphatic physician in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every time you sip, invision the water healing you. While you’re at it, maybe add a little salt to your water and gargle. Better communication is facilitated by doing this.

4. Sounding
Since the fifth chakra involves the ears and throat, sound is an excellent way to retune your body and regain rhythmic harmony. Consider singing, chanting, and toning to release your voice and clear your throat chakra.

Try the “HU Technique,” (simply sit quietly and close your eyes… then breathe in deeply and on the exhale, chant HU – pronounced hue). This sound technique is said to establish the frequency that intuition comes in on. It also re-tunes the body.

If you have an excessive fifth chakra, explore the interplay between sound and silence. Or consider a silent retreat where you focus inward and practice listening to yourself.

Affirmations are also very powerful, says Darin. Some affirmations she uses in her practice include: “I hear and speak truth,” “my voice is necessary,” and “I express myself with clear intent.” Put post-its around your mirror and repeat them out loud and as often as you’d like.

Move your body
If you feel that your throat is lodged, try simply loosening your neck and shoulders. Better yet, treat yourself to a massage. Certain poses in yoga can also help open up and balance your fifth chakra. Shoulder stand is good, as is Jhalandara Bandha, also known as throat lock. During this pose, which is really an interior body “lock” used to control the flow of energy, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. Inhale so the lungs are about two-thirds full, and then hold the breath in. Drop the chin down, and then draw the chin back closer to the chest so the back of the neck does not round. Then place your chin firmly on the chest.

The more free-flowing the energy of this chakra, the more you are able to speak your truth without fearing the consequences. When your fifth chakra is in balance, your will is alligned with the divine.

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