Find Your True Potential in 2016

Find Your True Potential in 2016

Nothing is Out of Reach

Each year, many of us make plans and resolutions to change our lives for the better. But statistics show that most of us bail on those resolutions within the first three weeks of the new year. Have you always bailed on your resolutions a few weeks in? This could be the year you don’t!

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It’s a 9 Year

Since most of the western world acknowledges the Gregorian calendar, this year is collectively recognized as 2016. In numerology, those numbers become the number 9. That is a number of completion and perfection on many fronts. It is three threes and it can pack some serious motivational power into your life without you having to struggle to make it happen.

Sweet and Powerful Fulfillment

The magic of the number nine can be found throughout history and most mythologies. The number three is recognized as very special (holy trinity, third time’s a charm, etc.) Three threes placed together is real power. Also, the number nine is the final number in our Hindu—Arabic numeral system. After the number 9, the numbers begin again with one. Therefore, this is the moment of sweet and powerful fulfillment!

Move Forward

Remember: Your eyes are placed in the front of your head because you are engineered to move forward. This is not a time to look back at past events that brought you pain or a time to regret many things that have caused you hardships. This is the moment to seize your endless possibilities!

Don’t Set Yourself Up to Fail

Take a moment and write down a few things you would like to accomplish this year. Don’t make them so impossible that you’ll sabotage yourself. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, don’t give yourself the time limit of accomplishing it in a single month. This is the year to cherish yourself for all your beauty and glory. Be gentle with yourself and support your goals.

Look to Your Elders

Instead of tying yourself to the past or feeling that your best years are behind you, focus on your future. The best is yet to come and there are many examples of people who didn’t reach their true potential until later in life. Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Margaret Mead, Neil de Grasse Tyson—the list goes on and on. Each one of these amazing minds hit their stride after 40. That same kind of brilliance lies within you.

Nothing is Out of Reach

Imagine what you can create in your life if you refuse to accept anyone else’s definition of worth. What could you do if you never thought you’d fail? I have learned that absolutely nothing is out of reach if I refuse to allow defeat to enter into the equation. The spiritual and psychic energy within you has the power to change reality with less effort and less resistance than you have been taught to believe.

Meet Your True Potential

Let 2016 show you the true potential of your life. If you seek guidance, give me a call. The world is waiting to hear from you and I will be right here to help you answer the call.

Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

5 thoughts on “Find Your True Potential in 2016

  1. jesse

    I wish you could all see how much your kind words and “fire in your belly” energy has given me today! As I give, so am I given! Thank you…now let’s go make 2016 our own! YEAH!

  2. Sandra

    Thank you soul sister Jesse you have given me the strength to go forward i have an abundance of spiritual energy and i am gratful too you for your dynamic inspiration this day xx love sandy x

  3. trinity


    This is so beautiful. It renewed my strongly-felt faith in what’s possible for me and how easy it is when you give in to what the universe has for us. Which is, after all, everything we want if we just know it’s there. Thank you for your beautiful expression of hope for this just-beginning new year.


  4. Devyn5303

    Great article and so true! So many times we set ourselves up by aiming for perfection instead of growth. 2016 is the year to move toward!


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