Find Your Inner Voice of Truth

Listen to the Messages in Dreams

I remember having a very profound dream when I was about six years old. I was stuck in a log. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t get out. I began to scream for help. I soon noticed that the louder and harder I screamed, the bigger my body became, and that it was even more difficult to remove myself from the log. Suddenly, a voice inside of me spoke, saying “be still, be quiet, be at peace and pray.” I was too young to know the biblical saying, “Be still and know that I am God,” however, my six-year-old intelligence was telling me just that. In the dream I became still, and the stiller and more peaceful I was in the dream, the smaller my body became. Within a few seconds, I was small enough to crawl out of the hollowed log.

This dream has stayed with me throughout my life. I share my dream when I wish to teach that we all have this knowingness inside of us. It is there, ready for us to ask information of it and this internal knowingness has all the answers that we would ever need.

Over the years, I’ve heard it called God, my higher Self, Source. For me, it no longer matters what this is called because I have learned to still my other voices and learned to listen to this all knowing, loving voice that speaks to me through my heart. There were plenty of years that I lived my life forgetting about this knowingness and followed the voices in my head that lied to me and “done me wrong,” and if you are anything like me, then you’re all too familiar with the conversations that take place in your own head. I used to find myself second guessing some of my choices, making myself wrong for thinking certain thoughts or making certain decisions when all along, all I needed to have done was listen to the quiet voice of my heart.

How are we going to be able to distinguish the voices in our head from the voice in our heart?

I’ve come to learn that any voice that feels heavy or makes me feel sad, unhappy, bad or causes me indecision is the voice of untruth and is not real! The voices of happiness and lightness are the voices that support me in loving decisions and choices necessary for my journey of growth. We call this voice Intuition.

The voice of intuition speaks to us through another part of our body and not through our head. It speaks to us through a sensation that is in our chest area (solar plexus). The voice of intuition is not really a voice. It is a feeling, a sensation, and it takes place in the chest area of your body. Intuition is the body’s natural way of protecting you from people, situations, and experiences that will not benefit you and may harm you.

When we begin to really learn to hone into that feeling, that sensation and begin to trust it and value what it teaches us, our decisions and choices will be beneficial ones and we will soon learn to begin to trust ourselves, whereby creating an internal knowingness that fosters genuine self esteem. It comes from within, not from without. We will have the strength of inner knowingness to call upon. Using that inner wisdom as our guide, we will never make choices that will hurt us or deter us from what is truly important to us.

We are born with this ability to listen to our inner workings. We have been taught to ignore it, to discredit it, and yet, it is one of our most important internal mechanisms for self preservation and survival.

Next time you are faced with a choice that you have to make, listen to your heart. It will guide you. Do not let your head and your thoughts dissuade you from the knowingness that will ultimately be your protector. Ignoring this important sensation will only lead you to some space in your future, when you will look back at that time in your life, or that choice that you made and say “I knew it.” “I knew I shouldn’t have done that” or perhaps you will remember that day that you acted based on that feeling and sensation in your chest and your response will be, “I knew it. I knew it was the right thing to do that day!”

Let’s begin right now with a practice of tapping into your heart and learning to “hear” the important messages that your heart will give you. This is the beginning of learning how to tap into, access, trust and develop your intuition. As you learn to trust this natural sense, your courage will flourish, your choices in life will be the best ones for you, and as other people remark on your life and call you lucky, you will know that it wasn’t luck that brought you to the “right place”… it was your heart.

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4 thoughts on “Find Your Inner Voice of Truth

  1. shantelle

    This was great,i have been struggling a great deal latley,because i didnt isten to my inner voic.This just reminds me of what i need to do get out of this rut im in thank you so very much!

  2. Mary

    I used to always use my gut feeling, my intuition and I NEW I was right. But, I was in a relationship with someone that made me question my intuition and dissmiss it. I still can’t believe that I was so completely wrong about this person. Now I am so fearful to use my inner feelings that rise up inside me so powerfully and so knowingly. I guess I’m afraid I might be wrong and the hurt and pain would be unbearable.


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