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Have Some Positive Energy on Us!

There is good reason why most everyone is concerned with their energy level. One of the most common symptoms of various health problems is a lack of energy. Research also suggests that energy is one of the essential ingredients to being happy. In other words, no matter how many things go right in your life today, they will seem less fulfilling if you lack the energy to enjoy them. To counter these effects, marketers have filled the grocery isles with an assortment of energy drinks designed to give you a quick boost. However, these can be expensive, may not be healthy and they don’t seem to work for everyone. Let’s look at an assortment of natural energy boosters that can not only revive your body, but also rekindle your mind.

Clear Out the Clutter

Over the course of a week, spending just five-minutes to clear out some of the clutter that has taken up residency on your desk, breakfast table or nightstand can be an effective tool to attract more positive energy into your life. Research suggests that the mere sight of clutter has the effect of draining your physical and mental prowess, making you more susceptible to feeling sluggish and negative. Even if you can’t bring yourself to throw this stuff away, just boxing it up and putting it out of your sight can do wonders for your stamina.

Avoid the Clammy Sammy’s

While you may not consider people as clutter, if you have too many negative presences, they will eventually begin to undermine your peace and happiness. You can never have too many good friends. However, the bad ones should be contacted very sparingly. Take five minutes to call up a friend who always makes you feel great, even if it is just to say hi.

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See the Light

A lot of research has been done on the effects of lighting. How much you get and what kind will have an effect on not only your energy, but also your immunity and attitude. Daylight is one of the quickest ways to revive the body, so a five-minute walk outside can be quite a boost. To maintain that energy, it is recommended you seek out as much time in front of a window as possible. If you are stuck in a dimly lit office, try using lightbulbs that simulate blue light. They can lift your spirit with a flick of a switch.

Give Energy to Get it

People like to talk about saving up their energy as if it is stored up in a bottle, and they have to ration it out to get  through the day. The truth is, the less you do during the day, the more tired you will become. What research suggests is that your energy reserves can actually be refilled, simply by volunteering for a good deed. It is called the Helper’s High, and it works by spending five minutes each day doing something nice for someone else. You could writer your soulmate a love note. You could pay an honest compliment to a coworker. Or, you could call up a friend who you know is going through a rough time. There is no better way to boost your energy, than to offer a little of it to someone who really needs it.

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Call to Nature

Unprocessed, high-fiber foods, like oatmeal, are used by the body more slowly. This means they will provide long-lasting energy throughout the morning, without the sugar crash that is associated with sweet treats.. There are also foods that have the ability to give your body a quick boost, just with a single serving. Cinnamon has been shown to have various properties that can wake up not only your taste buds, but also your other senses. White tea is another quick remedy suggested by research, that may calm your nerves and stimulate concentration.

Try Something New

People thrive after having new experiences. If you are stuck in a rut of doing the same old thing day in and day out, you will be amazed at the boost of energy that can come from trying a new food, finding a new route to work, taking up a new hobby or talking your partner into trying a new sex position. Just don’t overdo it…

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