Empty and Be Full

You have opened every present, peered into every gift bag, and the stockings – once hung with care – are strewn across the couch. And, even if you got exactly what you wanted, you may be sorting through the experience of, “that’s it?!” Yes, you are perfectly right. That object, no matter how desired, is just an object. You were whole before it arrived and you will continue to be whole once it is worn out/exchanged/lost or put up on a shelf.

And now, envision yourself giving it all away. Do you feel fear? Anger? Jealousy? Instead, consider this: what if giving it away meant that you would get a brand new one each and every day?

The universe abhors a vacuum. It will fill an empty space each time it appears. Part of the gift of the human experience is that we can choose to give. Part of the excitement of living a spiritual existence is that our ability to receive is only limited by what we hold tight in our hands. Empty your hands and you are left with two open palms – ready, to receive.

Your body already knows this. Most cells keep only three seconds worth of oxygen and fuel to sustain. The cell trusts the body to provide. Its existence is the act of giving; its survival is the act of receiving. It only receives to then give, again. This is what sustains the body and allows for growth and healing. There is no hoarding. There is no doubt, just giving and receiving in a symphony of metabolic processes.

Boxing Day around the world is a day to clear space, open that closet and send clothing, furniture and goodwill to those less fortunate by donating “boxes” of things to charities here and abroad. Add to this that it’s often a physical necessity to make room for the new things that have arrived.

You can make a conscious decision to clear space before you receive the new things. Clinging to the old only hampers the actual arrival of the new. Anything you are holding on to physically, emotionally and spiritually with the hope that something “new” will push it out of your sphere is actually blocking the path of the new thing. For instance, by replaying your worst relationship moments over and over in your mind, new healing energy that would lead to a more fulfilling and loving relationship is blocked by holding on to the past. But, by letting it all go and being open, vulnerable, transparent to the universe, you show yourself and your heart ready to receive. Don’t wait for the new “thing” to push out the old, it cannot find you because there is no space for it. Open up the space and it will arrive.

Emptiness is not really empty. Space means one thing – something new is coming. Trust, trust, and trust. Throw your very survival into the universe and be a part of the whole. New ideas, new abundance and new gifts will find you. By clearing the way you are showing yourself ready and willing to the universe and with palms open you will receive.

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