Embrace Fear & Become Fearless

Your New Confidence Will be Quite Attractive!

Remember that episode of “Seinfeld” when George Costanza does the opposite of everything he would normally do, and then everything turns out amazingly well?! George embraced the things he feared instead of avoiding them, and it worked out splendidly for him. The best scene is when he walks up to a gorgeous woman and says to her that his name is George, he lives at home, and he has no job. Instead of rejecting him, she gladly introduces herself. George’s confidence in himself overshadowed all his failures, which made him attractive.

I challenge you to do something similar to George—embrace the things that you fear and watch your life improve! Do not keep living in avoidance; instead, tackle all obstacles in your way! People will respect and admire you for gaining confidence and becoming fearless. Sometimes, we have fear because (1) we do not have enough knowledge about the things we fear, (2) we have actually never experienced the thing we fear before, or (3) we are perpetuating past fears. Let me provide a couple examples from my own life:

“The opposite of fear is knowledge.” – Psychic Blythe ext. 5339

First, I used to be severely afraid of being single in the dating world because I had always had a long-term boyfriend since I was 15 and had never actually “dated.” I was lucky enough to just meet my boyfriends at school while my girlfriends would complain about how hard it is to date in LA. So at the age of 28, to be single with no next man in sight made me quite fearful. Instead of stewing in my anxiety and being miserable, I decided to become fearless by doing the following (no matter how uneasy it made me feel): I joined dating Web sites, I went to all kinds of social places alone so I could meet new people, and I generally made my personal schedule accommodate my new, active dating life. Being a quiet, introverted Virgo, I found this difficult but quite rewarding to do.

I did not begin on a mission to find a new boyfriend; I was on a journey to experience the dating world and overcome my fear of being single so that I would stop staying in bad relationships just to avoid being alone. Because I forced myself to embrace my fear and become fearless, I am now in a healthy, romantic relationship. Moreover, I think part of the reason this relationship is working out so well is because I am not putting any pressure on myself to “make it work” because I have no fear of dating again. In addition, I no longer fear ever being single because I faced it, lived it and loved it!

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Second, I used to fear driving to new places when I was around 18 (over a decade ago). Growing up, I was a sheltered, only child. Since my mom drove me everywhere, I never learned to use public transportation or find my way home by myself. Thus, when I started driving, it was incredibly scary because I was alone, I was traveling to new places and I freaked out when I got lost. Instead of giving up and always being afraid, I got a cell phone, a Thomas Guide (the map of maps) and some courage! I would often depart early—if I got lost, I would not have to worry about being late, and I could focus on just finding my destination.

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I hope both anecdotes have shown you how embracing your fear will not only make you fearless, but it will also open up your life to new experiences and opportunities. Moreover, the less fears you have, the happier you’ll be because there are fewer obstacles to overcome. As George Costanza showed, fearlessness and confidence are attractive traits that develop by being honest with yourself and others. If there is something you fear, make a straightforward plan for dealing with it. If you are unsure where to start, call a psychic to find out your best course of action!

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