Save the Drama for Your Llama! Helpful Tips for the Drama Addict

Are You a Drama Addict?

Does your love life resemble a roller-coaster ride? The highs are divine, the lows are crushing, and the lulls are just waiting periods for the next battle. You know it’s coming. And then there’s the turbulent breakup, followed by the passionate makeup. And the cycle begins again….

Thrilling? Yes. Exhausting? Certainly. Destructive to your emotional well-being? Absolutely!

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If this sounds familiar, you may be addicted to drama. You’ll likely also recognize some of these clues:

Traits of a Drama Addict

1. You get high on conflict, and feel apathetic or empty inside without it.

2. A relationship feels shallow unless you’re struggling with each other.

3. You’re irresistibly drawn to “bad boys” (or the female equivalent).

4. A relationship with someone nice feels boring.

5. You and your partner continually push each other’s buttons, causing blood to boil. You have screaming matches, you throw things and there’s verbal or physical abuse.

6. When the relationship is harmonious, you say or do something to provoke your partner.

7. You’ve spied on your partner’s texts and emails.

8. You’ve withheld affection/sex when angry.

9. Infidelity is an issue in the relationship.

10. You can’t or won’t break up for good, even though you think (know) you should.

What’s Really Going On

Why do you choose conflict over harmony? Because intensity is intoxicating. You mistake the intensity, with all its passion, craving and obsession, for love.

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In its purest form, love inspires kindness, generosity and patience. In a healthy relationship, love often takes a quiet, supportive role that binds two people together and sustains them through life’s challenges. Conversely, drama ultimately blocks you from opening your heart and experiencing the vulnerability that love entails.

Other Hidden Factors

Drama may also distract you from dealing with an emotional issue, like depression or low self-esteem. The trouble is, the issue will resurface when the relationship ends—unless you jump into another wild liaison. And thus the vicious cycle of drama continues.

So, are you ready to step off the roller-coaster ride permanently? Here are some tips for fostering a harmonious, drama-free relationship:

Create a Foundation for Love

1. Spend some time alone to get in touch with your inner life. See if an emotional issue is lurking beneath the drama, and take some steps to heal it—preferably with the help of someone you trust.

2. Be mindful of words and actions that indicate you’re back on the drama track. And don’t get pulled into the chaos created by other people, such as your partner’s ex, a coworker or even your kid.

3. Stay centered by not reacting immediately when a conflict arises with your partner (or anyone else you’re close to). Instead, take a breath and seek a deeper answer to what’s really going on.

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4. Be aware of your boundaries by saying no when you need to.

5. Be open to more depth in your relationship by finding meaning and contentment in the quiet spaces. Strive for a balance between the excitement and discovery of being together, and the daily, sometimes boring tasks that are a part of every relationship.

6. Cultivate openness and honesty. Acknowledge your partner’s needs and be honest and forthcoming about what you need too.

7. Drama is distracting. Keep focused on what you need to do outside of the relationship, such as growing your career, improving your diet or enjoying activities with friends.

8. Seek out exciting activities and interests so you don’t crave it in your relationship.

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9. Know when to leave. You can’t change the other person, so if you find yourself in a relationship that’s wrong for you, walk away and don’t look back. Then take some time to heal.

10. Forgiveness is empowering. Let go of resentment so you can move on.

11. Love yourself. Accepting yourself, faults and all, will empower you to manifest a healthy, compatible relationship, when the time is right.

10 thoughts on “Save the Drama for Your Llama! Helpful Tips for the Drama Addict

  1. rich

    It can be like mental torture. Iv just lost my job couldnt deal with it any more if you love some one you dont expect them to treat you like a doormat it is a rollercoaster they love you one minute want to marry you and you believe every word they say next minute your out the door.I took 6 years of it now iv got the courage to leave I may of lost a lot but iv learnt a person can make you or break you in this kind of relationship they do both thats the rollercoaster

  2. Cheroux

    I find it extremely hard to forgive an ex-boyfriend whom emotionally and verbally abused me. I read your list carefully and #10 has been impossible for me. I also just learned three months ago that my ex- boyfriend had drowned in a boat accident. His demise has not changed my hate for him. I don’t understand my feelings; I know this is “wrong” however I feel “vindicated”by his early death.

  3. rita

    I hate drama. I love peace and quiet. And I love my husband. I trust him. And want to spend thebrest of my life with him


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