Don’t Let Their Negative Opinions Define You

How to Counteract the Negativity

We are told at some point in our lives that we are unworthy and will never amount to anything. If we believe these negative comments, they go and sit in our subconscious, we move on with our lives, and there they rest until something triggers them—someone may say something or do something that brings them forward.

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The Reappearance of the Not-so-Great People

Have you noticed something interesting happening with your energy this year? Have not-so-great people from your past started to reappear? When you see them, you’re reminded of all the negativity surrounding the relationship you had with them. If you’re wondering why this is happening, the answer is: to teach you a lesson. It’s time to let go of old negative thoughts, feelings and patterns.

You Don’t Deserve to be a Victim

You are a strong and beautiful individual and you don’t deserve to be the victim of anyone else’s opinion of who you are and where you’re going. You are surrounded by Spirit and angels and spirit guides; they light your path and show you the way. Even when you are feeling pretty low about yourself they’re there, showing you positive signs and encouraging you to move forward.

Positive Affirmations

I am a great believer in affirmations. I know that if we are told something enough we believe it. Think about it. Enough people said negative things to you that you let it impact your self-esteem and made you criticize yourself. So if you say positive affirmations, there’s a good chance you’ll believe them too. So sit with a pen to paper and write down what’s great about you. Write down your dreams, because you can and will make them happen.

Sample Affirmations

Write down as many affirmations as you can. I like to write mine on scrolls and tie them with colored ribbon. Then I take one out every day and read it out loud, over and over, until it registers. Here are a few examples of what your affirmations could be:

I give myself permission to be happy.
I release past hurts to the Universe.
I am worthy of love.

Release the negativity with love. That’s hard to do, especially when the negative opinions and judgements came from people who were being hurtful and cruel, but you can do it. You can do anything!

Intention Moves Your Forward

Remember, everything we do comes from intention. Intend to move forward and let go of your past! You are reprogramming your mind. Look in the mirror and find the one thing you like about yourself. It’s one thing to write down what you like about yourself, but you should say it to your face. Is it harder for you to say it that way?

Take Positive From the Negative

You are a beautiful person. Start with that and let the rest of you grow around it. You are strong. Thank the Universe for all it has already given you and shown you. There is something positive to learn from every negative experience. Hold your head high. Be brave and fill yourself with love and hope.

Many blessings to you.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Their Negative Opinions Define You

  1. Bastet Ext 6694

    Hello Psychic Samsara: This is a thoughtful and wonderfully positive article with exceptional advice; thank you for sharing it! I agree with you on the power of affirmations, and how they can eventually shift our subconscious thoughts so they are directed in a more positive direction. I love the idea of putting the affirmations on special paper and using ribbon…It serves to empower your actions even further.


  2. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    Hi Psychic Samsara,
    This article holds so much truth. I think you have to look at the person who is passing judgment on you to begin with, who are they and why are they so great?
    One of my favorite quotes is “what others think of me is none of my business”.

    Fact about people reappearing, this was something I had to deal with all last month and part of this month as well. Letting go of people who do not bring good vibrations to the table can eat someplace else. Right!!!

    Love your scrolls of happy sayings, certainly a great way to start the day.
    Thank you for writing this –


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