How to Fix Your Relationship Instead of Breaking Up

Think about what you can do to heal your relationship before you decide to break up with someone. There are a number of different ideas that you can try to mend what’s been broken.

15 Things to Try Before You Break Up

We get into a relationship with someone whom we find good-looking, smart, and interesting. Something initially attracts us to that person, which makes us feel amorous and fulfilled. When this relationship sours, there is usually a reason such as infidelity, financial stress, bad influences, general disagreements, or simply growing apart. Before breaking up with this person whom you once loved so dearly, seriously consider what you could do to get your relationship back to its original loving state. Try to do everything possible to mend your relationship before ending it. Each union is so different, but hopefully some of these 15 suggestions may work for your particular situation:

1. Be honest, state what your issues are, and agree to work on them.

2. Make a financial plan together that makes you both happy.

3. Schedule a regular “Date Night” to rekindle the romantic spark.

“When you love the other more than yourself, the relationship is doomed. Love yourself first.” – Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058

4. Get advice from people who love you both; disconnect from bad influences.

5. Write love letters to each other.

6. Sincerely apologize for your mistake(s) or ongoing bad behavior.

7. Truly forgive your mate for their mistake(s) or ongoing bad behavior.

“Trust is so important in relationships and it can be a deal breaker when trust has been broken.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

8. Change your ways if you know you’re wrong.

9. Accept your mate’s flaws and try to see beyond them.

10. Pick up a fun hobby together like bowling, golfing, yoga, or Scrabble.

11. Have a discussion about your future to make sure you’re on the same page.

12. Spend some time apart (perhaps a week or a month) to see how you feel.

13. Read a relationship book together.

14. Get couple’s counseling or individual therapy, depending on the issues.

15. Call a psychic for advice about the next steps to take to heal your relationship.

Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today! If none of the above mentioned tips help you restore your connection, before you decide to officially break up or divorce, know that you may have to deal with many of the following 10 issues and more, depending on your relationship circumstances:

1. Separating all of your personal belongings.

2. Canceling any bills or contracts you have together, like cell phone plans.

3. Sharing custody of a child or pet.

4. Dealing with your friend alliances.

5. Handling the loss of that person’s companionship.

6. Being alone if you’re not used to being by yourself often.

7. Not having a second income.

8. Moving out or having to find a new roommate.

9. One person being jealous, angry or simply refusing to break up.

10. And, of course, announcing your relationship status change on Facebook!

Is there anything you can do from the list of 15 suggestions that will help you avoid these 10 complications? Of course, you should not stay with a mate just to avoid contract termination fees, moving hassles, and more, but please do seriously ponder whether your relationship is worth the time and energy spent repairing it. Does your relationship have long-term potential, and do you honestly love each other despite this current rough patch? Conversely, do you see this as a persistent issue that will never end?

I was in an amicable four-year relationship with someone whom I got a long with quite well; however, he never wanted to get married or have children. As a result, I eventually ended our long-term relationship even though we lived together, loved each other, and never argued. Ultimately, the hassle of separation was worth the opportunity for me to meet someone who is open to creating a family with me. I recognized that all the apologies, letters, and therapy in the world could never change his core beliefs and values. Moreover, I do not wish to change someone; I would rather grow with my partner in a mutually desired direction.

Now, you must decide if your relationship can be saved at all costs or if it should be ended. And, remember, the right decision is usually the hardest one to make!

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7 thoughts on “How to Fix Your Relationship Instead of Breaking Up

  1. sean

    My wife took a job offer(medical) and my daughter and I we’re supposed to relocate with her first of the year but was stunned We are really hurting. With her not willing to make it work like this Suggests what can I do? She deniesaffair

  2. marc from the uk

    My only advice would be to stop holding on to, or recurring a dislike you have with that other person, let it go, accept it, and DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE THEM! as resentments will follow! So many times I see people trying again, and for a while they do, then the veils drop and they go back to stage one! Do not repeat the problem, become the solution!

  3. Jolene M. Bries-Jensen

    Great advice! I remember being at the point of wanting a divorce & I said to myself…can you stand before God & know that you did everything possible to save this marriage. I answered NO. I worked on the above list and in the end we still got divorced but I knew I did everything possible to save it. It was still the most difficult thing I ever did but with counsel from a California Psychic we BOTH knew it was the right decision.

  4. Jase

    Absolutely brilliant advice.
    Pure and simple and kind to both parties.
    A very balanced approach which covers virtually all angles.
    It may be the very eginning of a handbook guide for those who are so emotionally embroiled and need a reference in the momnt of the heat.

    Well done.

    Jase Ayathorai


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