Develop Your Sixth Sense

 An Eye-Opening Guide to Your Sixth Sense

If you want to develop your sixth sense and become more intuitive, you may need to overcome a few things before achieving a higher level of natural intuition. Intuition is described as perception and insight and is sometimes referred to as your gut instinct. With all the crazy events that occur in the world, it’s easy to become foggy and forget to listen to what our mind and body are telling us.

Discover how you can concentrate on your natural intuition and further develop your sixth sense to increase your experience of life. Here are some factors you need to consider in order to become more intuitive:

Recognize Rational and Irrational Thoughts

Our minds can play tricks on us and we may believe mixed messages and take actions that are not entirely necessary. The sooner you catch your irrational thoughts before your act on them, the sooner you will be on your way to inner trust and a higher level of intuition.

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Get in Touch With Nature Again

People are less and less in touch with nature. We don’t depend on our senses to survive as people did thousands of years ago. Our sense such as touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste are not valued as much as they used to be. Get in touch with your senses again. Get outdoors, smell the flowers and try new foods that are outside of your comfort zone. Our bodies are fabulous danger detectors when it comes to survival.

Learn to Trust Your Gut Instinct

When you play trivia games, do you always go with your first answer, or do you often change it at the last second? When the answer is revealed, is it usually what you first thought it to be? Chances are your first answer is usually correct, but like all humans, your self-doubt got in the way. It is important to trust yourself. To gain the trust in yourself you’ve lost, work on yourself every day so that you find the inner confidence your need to trust your gut feelings.

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Active Listening is Important

Take the time to listen to the messages you are telling yourself. Disregard the negative things you think about yourself and the lies others and society have told you. Stay connected to who your are. Practice listening more than speaking when interacting with other people. Try to stop your mind from thinking about what to say next when you should be listening instead.

Keep the Heart and Mind Separate

Has anyone ever told you they think they love you? This is the perfect example how the mind and the heart can muddle your intuition. Feel with the heart and think logically with the mind. The more you can recognize your individual thoughts and feeling, the easier it will be for you to tap into your sixth sense and intuitive nature.

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4 thoughts on “Develop Your Sixth Sense

  1. aliza

    Brilliant!! I agree completely with spending time in nature as often as you can. I tend to share this nugget of wisdom with my callers as well. Great article!

  2. marialaloca77MariaH92114

    Stopping before the Ripple effect is the hardest part. To stop something thats already started and turn it into something positive. It’s insame. But once your there. Aww! Releif. Good Advise, so clear and easy to understand.


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