Psychic Pauline: Create Your Safe and Peaceful Personal Bubble

Building Your Perfect Personal Bubble

Is it possible to live in a magic bubble where you feel safe and at peace? Yes, it is. You can create your bubble of peace and tranquility in your home. In just a few easy steps, you can surround yourself with a positive energy field that will help to balance your chakras, clear your mind an protect your from negative energy forces. All it takes is intention. Follow these steps to create your personal bubble:

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1. Out With the Old

Clear your home or room of objects that carry negative vibrations from the past such as items that are reminders of painful periods in your life. As you do this, feel yourself letting go of painful past memories and open your heart to absorb the excitement that the future has to offer. Think of this as a beginning and not an ending. Your personal bubble is starting to take shape!

2. Photos

Display photographs of friends and family who are dear to you and who lift your spirits. As you look upon these pictures, you will be reminded of the joy these individuals have brought into your life. Your personal bubble now includes friends and loved ones.

3. Items You Cherish

Surround yourself with items  you cherish that were given to you out of love. These objects, no matter how big or small, carry the positive vibrations and loving thoughts that were carried by the person who has taken the time to do something special for you. Your personal bubble includes gifts of love and devotion.

4. Nature

Plants are magical. Bring nature into your space. Fresh flowers will bring fragrance into your bubble and they are beautiful to look at. Green, indoor plants (such as ivy) will give off oxygen and absorb odors. Plants are also living entities and they are wonderful monitors of your energy. If they are thriving, it is a good indication that you are as well. If they begin to wither, this indicates that you need a little tune-up. Always keep the balance in your life. Your personal bubble now includes fresh air.

5. Sea Salt

Keep a small bowl of sea salt near your bed. Sea salt is cleansing and will absorb negativity. You can also sprinkle a bit into your bath water to wash away the negativity that can attach itself to your aura during the course of the day. A pinch of these little white crystals can also be placed in the corners of every room in the house. This forms a barrier which will not allow negativity in. Your personal bubble is now cleansed of negative energy.

6. Candles 

Spirits are attracted to the warm glow of candlelight. In the evening, candles create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Always burn at least one white candle during the day (if you are at home) as it keeps the energy in the house balanced. When choosing scented candles, go with what you like, of course, but try to incorporate amber, lavender and sage. Always exercise caution when burning candles, especially if you have pets. Your personal bubble now has a welcoming, warm glow.

7. Invite the Angels 

Lastly, stand in the center of your home and call on the angels and invite them into your bubble. Ask them for protection, white light and to keep negative energy out of your space. Visualize a bubble or shield surrounding your home. This will seal in the positive and deflect the negative. Your personal bubble is now protected by angels.

Not only will you feel safe and at peace in your bubble but all those who enter will feel this love and energy as well. As time goes by, you can continue to add to your sacred space. Fill it with items that you are attracted to, have special meaning to you and give you a feeling of warmth and peace. Now relax and enjoy what you have created.

Call me for more tips on how to create your perfect bubble. A personal reading helps me make suggestions specific to your life and space.

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19 thoughts on “Psychic Pauline: Create Your Safe and Peaceful Personal Bubble

  1. Jennifer Hendrix

    I read these tips to my daughter, and she likes them too. Tomorrow is cleaning day, and we’re excited to try some of your suggestions for more positive energy. Thankyou for sharing 🙂


  2. brenda

    so on. I love to sage my house. but will take this advice,…..anything to get positive energy in and around me. also if you have spirits that live in your home from old, they can suck all the good positive energy out of you while you sleep.

  3. Khanyie

    Wow !!! The idea of lighting candles is my daily joy I feel something, even when I get scared during the night I light my candles and say a short prayer and I am good to go back to dream land.

    I agree during the day too there is that peace and of cause caution is the first step.

    Thank you Pauline

  4. Bernice Gross

    Thank you so much for the article on Building your Personal Bubble. It lifted my spirits just to read it. I am definitely going to try this as both my husband and I are going through a difficult time right now. If I ever get a few extra $ I will call you. Again Thank You so much.

  5. Tami

    Sounds easy enough but how do you convince others in your household or family you can not avoid that this is not some ‘crazy lady” act, all the while, they are the very ones that are being toxic in ones life. Negative acts & thoughts seemw to be the norm.

  6. jennifer

    My bubble is a bit off balance because I think my neighbours are invading my space after I clean my walls are looking pinkish grey and my cream carpets are grey black

  7. barrymorrow

    what ever became of Barbara reese a teacher tutor that I had in college for English literature; where is she living now and what is she doing with her life sincerely yours barry j. morrow


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