Create a Zen Place in Your Home

Make Your Own Sacred Space

A Zen Place is a spot in your home where you can create a little “sacred space.” A place where you can sit and catch your breath in the middle of the chaos of your life, and slow down your mind to a more “zen” frequency which attracts positive energy into your life.

Some are lucky enough to have an actual garden, if so you already have a great head start! For those with garden or outside space, or a balcony, it can be easy to find a comfortable sitting space, or chair to place in a small area. If you live in a space with no garden, do not fret, you can still have a sacred space to call your own! If you live alone, you can simply assign an area to use in your home, it doesn’t have to be large, just space to sit, and a shelf or tabletop to put up images, dream boards, or decorations. If you live with others, or have extreme space or privacy issues, I have a plan for you too!

You can create a portable altar or Zen space by finding a small suitcase or a latchable box, picnic basket, or container. Why, I’ve even seen one made in a large cigar box! The concept is to create a sacred and gentle space for your spiritual growth. In this busy and hectic life we forget to create time or space to nurture our soul… we go, go, go! Having a Zen place, or space, reminds you to stop and breathe; reset your frequency, tune in to yourself.

I start with a thorough cleaning, if you can safely use a bit of water, do so. If all you can do is dust, vacuum, and sweep… move the energy, and as you do so imagine you are “chasing away” any negativity from that space! Do this even when your space is portable, by doing it in the area where you will sit to create or meditate on your “Zen box.” So once you have cleared the space of residue, it’s time to put your intention into the space.

Clear your mind, and visualize yourself using this space. See yourself more relaxed, happier, healthier, or just plain more Zen, as you start to put things into the space. Start with scent—do you want dried lavender? Fresh flowers? Or scented candles? What scents appeal to you? Do you want to put tablecloths, or hang lace or silks up? Prayer flags? Pictures? Set it up with the basic energy or “feel” you want to create in your life.

Now decorate based on your spiritual path, where you are at, what you want to call into your world, or what you want to release. Now the only thing missing… is you! The more you use this space to meditate, pray, or just relax, the more it will lend support to helping you to create your journey!

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4 thoughts on “Create a Zen Place in Your Home

  1. Prince Mitaire

    Thanks for your advice about creating a Zen Space its very good reading your article and I believe others will benefit from it. I do have Christ Image in one special corner of my house where I do meditate and you explain better here to my understanding more important of Zen Thanks Gina

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Yemaya,

    Nice article !!!!!

    A ” zen space ” is especially important for those seeking to develope their psychic abilities……a place to help with our meditation process which is so important, and necessary for our work.

    But , overall, I feel that creating a ” zen space ” is just good advice for everybody’s sense of peace& tranquility….. and also helps with their ” flow “of energy……great for mind, body, & spirit.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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