Cosmic Consciousness: Chakra 7

This is the seventh and final installment in a seven part series on the chakras. In this series I will discuss the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of each chakra to bring lasting health and happiness into our lives.

Chakra 7 – Cosmic Consciousness – Sahasrara – (Thousandfold)

Element: Thought

Function and Purpose: Understanding

Obstacle: Attachment

Balanced Inner States: Crystal-clear perception, awakened and aware, intelligence, spiritually connected to Source, thoughtful, wisdom.

Unbalanced Inner States: Apathy; general and spiritual, disconnected from Source, rigid views and beliefs, confusion, materialism, greed, ruling and controlling of others.

Location: Top of the head

Color: Violet

We have now reached our final destination in the chakra system: the crown chakra. We started by planting our roots deep into the rich soil of the earth, creating stability and a solid foundation for ourselves. Next, we moved into the flowing, life-giving waters of our sacral chakra where we learned to balance and express our emotional and sexual natures in a healthy, balanced and dynamic way. We then entered the brilliant fires of transformation and personal power in the solar chakra, boosting us into the lush, green gardens of our hearts, enabling us to love unconditionally and begin our ascent into the realms of spirit. From our hearts, we grew into the blue skies and magnificent symphony of our throat chakra – the gateway to creativity and clear communication, where we climbed higher into the spiritual realm and into our third eye, developing our intuition, perception and psychic abilities and now, ascending to the the highest realm of spiritual connection, our seat of enlightenment and understanding.

Our 7th chakra, or crown chakra, holds the entirety of the chakra system which connects us to the universe of true source – the final step in ultimate spiritual liberation and the seat of our essential being. It is our true self which is beyond the confines of ego and reason and can only be experienced.

This is where we perceive the ultimate consciousness of the meaning and understanding of the interconnectedness and order of all things, essentially, it is the source of enlightenment.

The crown chakra, having its element as thought, is associated with the mind. It is the storehouse of all our belief systems and the matrix from which we create our own realities. These realities can be likened to a Shakespearean tragedy or the comedy of our modern-day jesters. Whether our lives are played out as a comedy, tragedy, or a satirical play, we are the stars and creators of our own living masterpieces. This is the power of the 7th chakra.

To create and manifest our individual realities, we must first have consciousness which has various layers and functions. But without any type of somewhat developed consciousness, our connection, transformation and powers of manifestation are severely limited and unlikely without awareness – the ability to silently and passively witness our thoughts and the inner workings of our minds. Through the development of our 7th chakra and awareness through meditative practices, we are able to join both the infinite and finite consciousness, bringing forth transcendence and ultimately, enlightenment.


Consciousness in terms of our crown chakra, as well as all spiritual aspirations, can be broken down into two types: Perceptive Consciousness – finite consciousness limited to the physical, material world, and Absolute Consciousness – infinite and universal consciousness of the eternal.

Each of our chakras has its own unique layer of consciousness, with our roots representing the dense, physical and material realm of manifestation, and our crown representing the realm of our spiritual consciousness and its ethereal manifestations.

When working your way up the chakra system starting from the root up to the crown, you are engaging the consciousness of spiritual liberation and manifestation – when working downwards from the crown to root, you are opening the channel of the physical, material consciousness and manifestation. However, in today’s world the primary focus has been on spiritual manifestation and largely ignoring the physical and material aspects. But this is a highly imbalanced practice. Spiritual and physical consciousness are both equally important and share a symbiotic relationship. It’s only by opening our crown chakra that we are able to merge the perceptive and absolute consciousness that we are able to manifest ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience.

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