Psychic Workout: Conscious Eating

With the abundance of fast food options and eating on-the-run, we have subconsciously programmed ourselves to fast eating. To promote conscious eating, this exercise can help you focus on eating patterns and promote a healthier way of consuming.

Prior to beginning to consume a meal, arrange everything in front of you that you will need. Take note of the items as you are placing them on the table. Starting with portion size, remember that you can always go back for seconds, and begin with an amount smaller than what you would typically dish out. Butter? If you really want it before spreading it on, consciously tell yourself that you are going to limit your amount, rather than slathering it on. Water? Perhaps you may decide to choose this healthier option over juice or soda. Salt? Place it on the table with the understanding that you will use it sparingly.

Next, seat yourself in front of the food, but don’t dive in just yet! Take a moment to relax and settle into your seat. This is the most common, and excellent time to offer gratitude and appreciation for the sustaining food in front of you that you are about to consume. Thank the soul of the animal whose meat you are about to take in. Thank the gardener who harvested the lettuce in your salad. See the chain of life and individuals who helped make this meal possible. In addition to the appreciation, these extra moments make you acutely aware of what you are about to put into your body. It makes it harder for you to wolf down that fast-food burger when you are driven to take a moment and assess the food from a spiritual aspect and how it will, in turn, nurture your soul. Do you think your psychical body and soul would be more accepting of processed and sweetened applesauce, or a simple organic apple?

Pick up your fork and place the food in your mouth. Return the fork to the table… Yes, I said return the fork to the table. So many of us are in such a hurry to get back to work that it is hard to imagine wasting that extra time to return your fork to the table! Instead, focus on the chewing and taste that you are experiencing. What flavors does your tongue sense: Sweet? Salty? What textures are your teeth biting into? Now pick up your fork again and take another bite, and return the fork to the table. Become immediately aware of your emotional reactions. Do you feel like you are not ingesting quickly enough? Are you frustrated with the act of eating slowly? Are you reaching for the fork to take your next bite before you have finished and swallowed what’s in your mouth? What’s the hurry?

Continue eating in this thoughtful manner while anticipating the sensation of satiety, that feeling of being “full,” and take note when it is time to stop eating. Your plate may not be cleared, yet your body is telling you it is time to stop eating, so listen! Give kudos to yourself that you are not tempted to scarf down the remaining few bites in order to clean your plate, and grant yourself permission to reprogram your mindset that it is OK to leave the dinner table with food still on your plate.

As you adopt this new technique of eating, you will bring mindfulness not only to how you eat, but what you eat. When slowing down to consciously recognize what it is that you are putting into your body, you will be compelled to make healthier decisions. You are what you eat!

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  1. Brian

    – I love those shots! Great work, Chris! It was really nice mteieng you, by the way (I know I am late I’ve neglected my blog reader, and just now catching up).

  2. believerbeliever


    I always enjoy your articles. But, this one especially hit home. You share great ideas for eating conciously. Thanks!


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