Connect to Your Past Lives and Heal

How can you connect to your past lives and why would you want to? Find out how learning from your past lives through hypnosis can help you heal in this life.

Your Past Life Can Help You Now

Years ago I scoffed at the concept of past lives. I was practicing hypnotherapy for many years before I was talked into doing a past life regression by one of my clients. She had a severe problem with her upper back which medical science could not fix with tests, X-rays and even medication. Her past life memory was of being the oldest brother. She found herself on a battle field and being struck down. The problem was that it was not the enemy but a younger brother who wanted the title that the eldest son had a claim to and found the battle field a great place to murder the rightful heir. We did the work in three sessions, and the pain in her upper back disappeared. It never returned. I became a believer.

Over the years in the exploration of my own and my clients past lives, I have learned to respect the information we are given by this process. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

• Does a past life always mean one soul going one life at a time in chronological order? No.

• Can we experience past lives through a blood relationship? Yes.

• Are there overlapping or multiple life line experiences? Yes.

One of my mentors told me that “We are each a tribe,” and so there are times that we may “join” with another soul to experience a lifetime, or  separate from a soul to experience a lifetime. So any “rules” you might believe, do not exist in my practice and exploration.

The majority of clients that sought this process out were looking to understand something in this life, to heal or to get past some blockage to happiness, and I have to say many, if not all of the past life regressions I had and performed were life altering. Spiritually we are shown the more pivotal points in our experiences that help us to understand who we are in our current lives. I have never had a session where the client saw themselves shopping or sleeping. It seems to focus on moments that are key to our spiritual developments or healing.

In over two hundred sessions, I have never had anyone remember being anyone famous. Although I did have a client who later found out the person she experienced was Wyatt Earp’s second wife, Josie Earp, through checking dates and information against the physical description she saw when I asked her during a session to “look into a mirror.” You may not find out you were a famous character of note. But finding out who you were that will give you information that will help you in this life.

Like the client I described earlier, you may have physical or mental issues that come from a life that did not get the right spiritual closure. Do you have a fear of water, heights or closed in places? When you look into your loved ones eyes do you have trouble trusting them, even though they have never cheated… in this lifetime? There could be a reason for that!

I have found that if you make it clear in the “induction” (hypnotic process of creating deep relaxation and opening the “doorways” to other life experiences) that you are seeking information around a particular behavior or feeling or fear in this lifetime, you will be shown the lifetime that is needed to illuminate you and help guide you to correct or change that behavior. Also, in my own exploration with subjects who volunteered to explore, I found that the suggestion simply to “take us back to a time that will help us to understand this current life,” got dramatic results.

The most important thing I can tell you is to keep an open mind. It doesn’t matter what or where the information comes from if it helps you to find more happiness and peace in your current life. Even if you cannot accept it completely, give it a try. I am confident the information you get will help you. Let us know if you’d like to know more about this process!

95 thoughts on “Connect to Your Past Lives and Heal

  1. Leslie

    I would like to soeak w/Yemaya about past lives; and attempt tp find a connection n the expression in my curent life.
    Sh appears to be unavaiavlable andoffline, Can I be cointacte when she might be free for a connecton?

    Thank you

  2. marc from the uk

    Great article Yemaya, I do follow your blogs and you always make sense, I am finding that as I get older I am questioning more, this site and blogs have helped so much in allowing me to filter lifes ups and downs with reasoning, and questoning, and of course the wisdom I have learned. Happy holiday’s from the UK.

  3. dorothy berry

    hi i just wanted to say that i totally believe and have wanted to do this for a very long time but i do not have the money i look at the news and how the world has totally going down hill in every way i wonder if i will be the next one to kill myself? can you feel anything when you get this?because i think of it daily and i am scared but broke

  4. Susie Schwartz

    Thank you for posting this article. I recently graduated from a Hypnotherapy program and am excited to see this type of information getting out to the public. Especially, about past life regression. I too find this a fantastic way to help a client resolve so many different types of topics that are causing them difficulties. Please keep the interesting articles coming.

  5. Lily

    I have a couple of past life rememberances that have been very helpful to me in this life.
    I would like to find a reliable therapist who can help me in this process again in my area (New Mexico)
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you and Bless UP!

  6. Michele

    Oh wow I can’t believe how she new thing’s about me thank you so much for letting me know thing’s about. My self that I couldn’t never understand once again thank you Yemaya.

  7. christine Galaviz

    I would love to know what my past life consisted of.I have many questions but I dont have much moneu to continue having readings.

  8. rita farrugia

    do the past effaceted the praesent i thing that i and my dauther has something inside the flat because my partner died in the same flat by over dose those this effet our life thanks and happy new year

  9. j

    instincts and genetic memory is passed from the female genes. That is why they are hard to trace. Earlier research only covered the male side and therefore failed

  10. Tami

    While this is intruiging to read do you really expect us to believe in past lives? I talked to a “psychic” once this past may and nothing she sais would happen happened. The unknown is intruiging though.

  11. Sophal Long

    I do too much work but never success , in my life always fail

    please help me find out why I never success in business

    Many thank your help

    Sophal Long

  12. loriann dietert

    i enjoyed your artical on past lives.i would love to tap into my own past lifes so i can understand my current life.thank u so much Loriann

  13. Linda

    I would like to know about my past lives. I was always afraid to open that can of worms because I am a very different person. Then my friend told me the worst that I might have been is a barmaid and punched someone…lol I am always afraid to let the inside out. I think I am ready to find out now. Thanks for the information.

  14. Amiyesh Chandra Mathur

    hi yemaya I admit your points it may be true to a large extent i am also astonished of an incident that suddenly my elder brother became my enemy while he loved me too much in my childhood and in young age too after marriage it became every thing wrong and jealous to me still there is a long gap and no communication between us. can you tell me reason for. then i will go for paid services.

  15. Moonmoon Chowdhary

    Dear Yemaya,

    I have been following some books on past life regression. I have read that the healing does take place with the help of past life regression.

    Thank you for such nice article.

    Moonmoon Chowdhary

  16. mpinane

    I would love to know more about who I was in the past and what did I do,and also I woild
    Love to know more about the present future,what does it hold for me

  17. shefali

    since 14 years ,there is no positive growth in my life,please help me, i just feel disgusted of me, my life, iwant your support

  18. caprice

    mornng,,yes keep the information coming,,,learning about my fears of my past,,,,is helping me to move on from some issues…..Facing my social anxieties,,,,one day at a time… day at a time,,,,one person at a time.

  19. Chrissi

    definitely could do with getting into my past lives- just to figure out the mess I had made in the present one, and why I seem to always get into situations where I am always the strongest person who everyone else seems to depend on to either lean on or organise them every time I end up in a relationship of any kind

  20. olleen

    this i not about my past life eveif had one, muetion is can you tell e if i will ever ge granddaughters back befoe i pass on to the next life.

  21. Frank Richards

    Hello: I Ssencerely believe that i hve lived before
    I have a pronlem with my lower backi think i was hurt in a past life doctors cant seem to help me with the pain and cure the problem can U help me with this

  22. Nicole

    Ive always believed in past lives and reincarnation. I am very interested in learn more about this and how I could use this to an advantage in my life as lately it’s been nothing but series of unfortunate events we’ll say.

  23. Amy

    How do I find a real hypnotherapist? I went to a couple that I thought were and they were a bunch of bologne. Please advice. Loved the article, by the way.


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