Clear the Clutter, Change Your Life

Clear the Clutter, Change Your Life

Clarity, Creativity, Abundance and More

Do you find yourself constantly wishing for more time in your day, or hoping to reclaim your creative drive, or just craving an end to constant chaos? What you’re about to learn will definitely pave the way for your success in all areas of life—no joke. Today’s the day you decide to clear the clutter and change your life for the better and for good.

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A 4-Way Intersection

Think of decluttering as the intersection where Feng Shui, the Law of Abundance, the Law of Attraction and time management all meet and provide you with a clear path to freedom. Can you imagine having more time, more space, increased focus and creativity? Not only that, but when you clear the clutter you can transform your life in so many more ways—less stress, better sleep and even weight loss.

What a Feeling

Being in a room that’s clean, clear and open just feels better than being in a room that’s full of clutter and crap. Imagine finding what you need in mere seconds, rather than having to wade through mountains of junk.

Just Start Somewhere

Just start somewhere, whether it’s an entire room or little piles of clutter throughout your home or office. Once you get going there will be no stopping you, but don’t expect to finish everything in a day. With every inch of space you recover and reclaim, you’ll regain the energy you lost to clutter. And when you’re done, make sure you maintain a clutter-free area for continued bliss.

Junk Piles

If you have a lot of piles of junk in your house, you can tackle each one by organizing the junk in each pile. Have sorting boxes ready. You can label them: trash, donations, crafts, bills, etc.

Closet Junk

You’ve got clothing that no longer fits you and outfits that are no longer in style. You’ve got purses you don’t use and shoes that hurt when you wear them (so you never do). Get rid of it all. Donate what you haven’t worn in months to charity.

Cabinet Junk

Your cabinets are filled with junk. Whether it’s old appliances or appliances you never used buried in the back, go through it all, see what works, think about what you need and trash or donate the rest.

Food Junk

This is going to be a little gross, so put on some plastic gloves and go through your fridge and pantry. Toss out old, expired food and spices you don’t ever use. If what you have is still edible and usable, consider donating it to a food pantry.

Bathroom Junk

Get rid of expired beauty products and old, ratty towels. Have a skin treatment that never worked for you? Throw it away.

Car Junk

Go through your car and clean out all the old gas receipts and food trash. Look everywhere—under the seats and in the glove compartment.

The Laws of Attraction and Abundance

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance, holding on to things you don’t need tells the universe that you fear and expect you’ll never have more or better and that you have no need (and certainly no room) for anything else in your life. Clutter keeps you stagnant and stuck.

Feng Shui

When you clear the clutter, energy flows through your life and the space around you in a natural and uplifting way. Consider starting where you sleep. Keep nothing under your bed.

Take the first step. You don’t need nearly as much stuff as you think you do.

9 thoughts on “Clear the Clutter, Change Your Life

  1. LJ

    To All Readers/Commenters: I love sharing ways to live a more happy and productive life, and I especially love when people add their own suggestions and contribute to the betterment of everyone. Keep the comments and suggestions coming, and thanks for continuing to like/share our articles. The more involved, the greater the energy.

  2. LJ

    Good point La!
    Depending on the amount of clutter someone has, I agree it should be done in small, manageable blocks of time. That way you won’t get overwhelmed, and each day you’ll be inspired to take the next step – which creates … a habit! If clearing the clutter becomes a habit, you’ll only have to get down and dirty one time – the rest is just maintenance. 🙂 Thanks.

  3. LJ

    Dear Zahra: Good luck with conquering the clutter – you’ll feel better. Why not start with the bedroom – clear out anything underneath the bed, and dump or donate anything you never use or wear. To add more Feng Shui principles, don’t let your bed face a doorway, hang a picture over your bed with a little red or yellow in it – no mirrors or pictures of water over the bed and no singular items – like a solo tree. You want to create some couples energy in your life. This should all help your love life – but if you want to know what’s really going on, I suggest you speak to a qualified psychic for clarity. Good luck!

  4. Zahra

    Wow your totally right, I have a lot Stuff, especially Clothes i Never wear, or to small. hoping it will fit me one DAY. I will take your Advice, and work on it this weekend. I’m having trouble with my Partner. I believe his Not Faithful to me or Respect me.
    Can you HELP ME, know more about it.

    Thank- YOU


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