Can’t Sleep?

There is nothing worse than waking up at 3:00 am when you have to be up and out the door for a full day by 8:00 am. You try every trick in the book to get back to sleep – from counting backward to focusing on the third-eye point, for two solid hours – only to doze off less than an hour before the alarm goes off.

The mind is a wonderfully powerful force for thought and imagination. And sometimes that imagination doesn’t want to go to sleep when you do. If that’s true lately, there are five things you can do to ease your mind and get a good night’s rest!

Cut the caffeine
For most coffee fiends, the thought of going “cold-turkey” is too difficult – so how about one cup of coffee or tea in the morning, and no caffeine (that means no iced tea or soft drinks, either) after noon? It may sound rough, but sleep deprivation is robbing you of far more energy than a cup of coffee can restore. Start on a weekend, so the temptation to isn’t so strong. Keep pain relievers on hand to ward off the caffeine-withdrawal headache. That will pass after a day or two, but the improvement in your sleep patterns may last a lifetime.

Unplug your household
Darkness is nature’s blanket. Give your mind some time to slow down, so you can snuggle in for the night. Turn off every electrical entertainment machine in your home at least one hour before you go to bed. This is especially important for flat-screen monitors (laptops, computers) and televisions. All these screens emit a blue light that the mind interprets as bright sunshine. That in turn sends a message to our inner clocks to wake up – even though it’s 10:00 pm!

Wind down early
The quiet pre-sleep period also calms your emotions. Don’t make big decisions after 9:00 pm, and remember that nothing good ever comes from quarrels before bedtime. Even shopping online is a bad idea, because such decisions are best made with a peaceful mind. Frayed nerves from a day in the urban jungle just aren’t capable of tackling that kind of project. Request that your family save the big emotional issues for breakfast, or take them on right after work. Think about this, too – how many times have you awakened to regret that angry late-night email?

Count breaths, not sheep
Follow your breath as you fall asleep. Inhale, wait a moment, and exhale. With each breath, take your relaxation to a different part of your body. Your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs, your abdomen – it’s Goodnight, Moon for the body. You tell each part of you that it’s time to rest. This unifies your mind toward the sleep your body wants.

Leave your worries on your nightstand
If all else fails, and you are still mentally going over that expense report with your head on the pillow – get up! Sleep experts all recommend reserving your bed for two things – sex and sleep. So if you are thinking, thinking, thinking, then pull back the covers and get out of bed. Resist the urge to turn on the television or open a book. Get a piece of paper, and write down what you are obsessing over. Listing your worries on paper diminishes their power. “I am afraid I will get fired!” Okay, it’s out of your mind. Put it aside. It doesn’t belong in your bed – you do!

Give yourself the gift of sleep. Being sleep-deprived puts you at risk for car accidents, underperformance at work – and just plain crankiness. Making sleep a priority will pay you back many times over as your body relaxes and your mind brings you sweet dreams.

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