Can Gemstones Boost Your Career?

As we go about our everyday jobs, there are times when we could use some extra help. Gemstones can actually be our guiding lights in this respect! Each gemstone clearly emanates certain energies, which are useful for individual situations. Check the list below to see what stones might be best for your particular profession!

Actors. Red Jasper and Topaz are key to this profession, as they aid in projection and communication. They also promote sensitivity to audience vibrations.

Architects. Crystal and Carnelian both help to create light and form essential qualities for master building.

Artists. Moonstones and Amethyst help to promote self-expression and intuitive abilities.

Athletes. Petrified Wood, Ivory and Carnelian help to increase physical stamina and power.

Bankers. Aventurine and Diamond increase financial opportunities and reflect richness.

Chefs. Moss Agate and Plume Agate promote sensitivity to food products and aid with personal security.

Dancers. Agates, Moonstone and Opal strengthen the body and encourage self-expression.

Dentists. Fossils influence teeth and mouth wholeness and wellness.

Detectives. Tiger’s Eye and Zircon both stimulate clear sight and insight regarding the organization of facts.

Doctors. Jade, Bloodstone and Crystal all aid with energy flow. These gemstones also stimulate warmth, clear vision and insight.

Environmentalists. Emeralds, Fossils and Agates encourage future sight. They also strengthen hindsight and increase physical endurance.

Farmers. Agates, Petrified Wood and Obsidian all help to relax the burdens of extreme physical labor.

Hair Stylists. Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Crystal all help to promote self-expression, enhance self-image and promote self-love.

Journalists. Sapphires, Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian all help to increase discernment of subject matter and promote good judgment.

Lawyers. Lapis Lazuli and Sapphires all aid with problem solving, and encourage good judgment.

Ministers. Amethyst and Sapphires both increase spiritual clarity and support wisdom in judgment.

Musicians. Crystals and Opals help with sensitivity to tonal vibrations. They both also open sensitivity to audiences.

Nurses. Emerald, Bloodstone and Jade increase insight and help to aid with practical applications.

Police. Agates Rhodochrosite and Red Jasper all help to protect against attack. They also aid physical endurance and rescue the helper.

Psychologists. Moonstone and Lapis Lazuli help to increase sensitivity to others. Both stones promote wisdom and good judgment.

Salespeople. Agates, Carnelian, Topaz and Citrine all increase physical stamina. These stones also stimulate motivation and aid with the energy needed for negotiation and communication.

Singers. Red Coral and Zircon help to strengthen the voice and increase vocal projection.

Teachers. Geodes, Agates and Moonstone all encourage professional freedom. These gemstones also promote emotional endurance.

Waitresses/Waiters. Rhodonite, Red Jasper and Moonstone all help to increase physical endurance and build self-esteem.

Writers. Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite all help to increase wisdom and intelligence.

Which of these stones best fits your profile?

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9 thoughts on “Can Gemstones Boost Your Career?

  1. mo

    Ivory??? Great, I’m sure the elephants appreciate one more excuse to slaughter them to poach their tusks.
    How incredibly tone-deaf & irresponsible.

  2. samuel mwathi

    what a lovely idea! can we do business in kenya of gemstones and career connections.
    reply please.

  3. Ms. Cole

    Thank you!….very much for this fabulous article on Gemstones…couldn’t have come at a better time than right now….Thank you….

  4. carmen

    Iwould like 2 know my tree stones for good luck I’m hair stylist n dental assistant. thanks for you help

  5. Ariel

    Hi All,

    Miss Krystal don’t worry about pearls encouraging shyness. Just wear another stone, if you prefer, that offsets this tendency. Topaz does seem to fit you well…

    Thnx, Lonnie, for your great comments.

    Jacqueline, I quite understand about loving all gemstones. I think, like color, we intuitively choose the perfect stone for the right time~!

    Much luv & lite,

  6. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Thank you, Ariel. I am going to print and save this. I love pearls, but I don’t think I will wear them when I am reading. Who wants a shy psychic? lol your last post, said that Pearls could make you shy. Frankly, I feel great about the energies I feel from the Topaz. I have them in almost every color. Miss Krystal

  7. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Ariel,
    I love stones all kinds, shapes and size, so……I collect all of them, more the better, weather they fit my profile or not, have to have them all….

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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