Benefits of Being Scared

Most people don’t like feeling fear especially around relationships, job, health etc. In today’s anxiety-saturated world where politicians, television and other media traffic in fear, it’s easy to start consciously choosing to ignore fear, to talk yourself out of it. Fear, like pain, is a strong signal from the brain that something is wrong. It’s important to run your fear through a quick examination instead of shutting it out.

Easier said than done, so how so you do it? Ask yourself these questions:

Is your fear reasonable?
If you’re about to step into your office parking garage and you have a sudden surge of fear in your gut – don’t ignore it. Our senses pick up things that we aren’t consciously aware of through psychic ability, intuition or pure animal instinct. Ignore a gut feeling of danger to your peril. This type of fear should always be acknowledged, acted upon and respected.

Are you in a constant state of fear?
If so, you’re doing a lot of self-talk to help you manage your fear, right? This actually can be an effective coping mechanism or (not good!) it can lull you into ignoring important information about your life and your purpose. If you’re living with a pervasive sense of discomfort, you’re receiving a message worthy of respect. Are you living a lie in some way? Are you trying desperately to keep a bad relationship going? Are you working overtime to fit into a work environment that simply doesn’t suit you and your talents? Are you ignoring or denying your talents? Are you resisting necessary change? All of these situations will make you feel an edgy anxiety that wears on you. The first step is to acknowledge the fear for what it is, and for what it’s telling you, then simply sit with that truth. This will help loosen your resistance and open you to change.

Is your fear really discomfort?
Are you avoiding going to the gym because you don’t want anyone to notice how big you’ve gotten? Are you avoiding taking that painting class because you don’t want anyone to see how bad you are at it? In each case, avoiding the activity turns ordinary, unpleasant discomfort into fear. Successful people accept the discomfort, and keep showing up. Soon, their discomfort has diminished and they have achieved something new. It may be a more toned body, a painting to hang on the wall, or life-changing travel. Facing fear or discomfort disguised as fear almost invariably leads to life affirming growth. Recognize it for what it is, accept that it’s uncomfortable, and then go ahead and do it.

Is fear running your life?
If you avoid certain situations, people, places and experiences a high percentage of the time, it’s time to acknowledge that fear has got you in its grip. Imagine doing the thing you fear. If it’s going to the doctor, picture sitting in the exam room and talking to your doctor. Notice what feeling comes up as you visualize this scenario. If you’re afraid of hearing that you’ve got a health problem, ask yourself what you’d want your partner or your friend to do in the same situation. If it’s a different answer than what you’re doing yourself, then you’ve caught yourself. Tell someone you trust, get support to do what needs doing, perhaps even seek out professional help. This type of fear needs more than acknowledgement, it needs action.

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