Bells, Books and Candles: Where to Find Spiritual Accoutrements

Spiritual Supplies

You might not need a genuine, hand-painted wild pig skull to enhance the mood and motivation of your personal sanctuary, but you could buy one, and nearly anything else you can think of online or off. People love ritual and ceremony; they add a personal touch, a sense of beauty to our prayer experience, our meditations and our psychic exercises. How do you shop for beads, crystals, pyramids, candles and clothes to set your mood?

Go for brick and mortar stores – I often do. It’s fun to visit with people in touch with their own spiritual nature, and these small shops often are gathering places for conversation or idea exchanges.

  • In a search engine like Google, enter the name of your city, plus phrases like “spiritual supplies,” “psychics and readers” or “metaphysical store.” Use your imagination and you’ll come up with a long list of possibilities.
  • If you live in or near a fair-sized city, run through the phone book or jump online and browse.
  • Ask like-minded people. Turn to your network, your spiritual group or your psychic reader. They’ll know where to fine reputable shops.
  • If you live in a smaller community, grab a friend and plan a shopping trip to the nearest population center.
  • Many gathering places for spiritual activities – psychic fairs, meditation centers, churches or retreats have a display of items for sale – everything from gorgeous veils and jewelry to books and CDs.
  • Running around shopping isn’t your thing? You’ll find a plethora of unique items online. Do a search similar to the one described above, but leave off the geographical description. Here are some places to consider, but remember, no endorsement is offered – you must make up your own mind.

  • Allegheny Candles identifies themselves as a Wiccan store, but anyone who wants lovely accessories to focus their spirit-based thoughts and intentions will like the assortments.
  • At Amazon, just key the word “incense” into the search box and you’ll be surprised at the interesting choices available.
  • In Google, key “new age clothes.” Can you see yourself uplifting your personal style?
  • Do crystals, pyramids and so on have mystical properties? I can’t say, but at Kacha Stones they show ways to focus your intent using these tools.
  • What effect softly chiming bells, heady fragrances or earth-centered garments have on our overall spirit-centered activities, body, mind and consciousness differs from person to person. The fact is, whatever helps you make peace with yourself in your universe is a gift and a treasure. Seek your own path, and make sure you enjoy the quest, online or in town.

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    2 thoughts on “Bells, Books and Candles: Where to Find Spiritual Accoutrements

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    2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

      Hi Taryn,

      I checked out those suggested sites ……very nice…..I especially loved the Kacha Stones site, their prices were very reasonable.

      I burn incense and have ordered mine thru AzureGreen for years now…… I love the Dragons Blood and Amber incense…..but in the summer I especially love to burn the Oak Moss scent.

      Any more suggested sites ????? Those couple you gave were excellent.

      Blessed Be )O(
      Gina Rose ext.9500


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