Everything You Need to Know About Avoiding Toxic Life Choices

 Never Make a Toxic Life Choice Again!

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that life is a series of choices. While we don’t always have control over the events around us, we have absolute power over how we respond to them. Are you always negative? Do you blame everyone but yourself? Do you surround yourself with people who make you feel bad about yourself at every turn? These are toxic life choices that will only serve to make your situation worse. And if you find yourself constantly battling the same old problems with the same old results, odds are good you’re making them.

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Here are three ways to avoid toxic life choices:

Be Mindful

Life is kind of like climbing a mountain. One distracted moment or false step could be deadly! While it’s easy to enter into things blindly, or because we think they feel good at the time, when we’re operating from a lack of self-awareness, things aren’t going to turn out for the best. You’ve got to know yourself and your environment and be aware of the possibilities so you have some idea of how to react no matter what happens. If you walk through life blindly, you’re going to get a lot of bumps and bruises. If you have open eyes, you may have to make some tough choices, but you’ll be able to see True North (and potentially avoid toxic life choices), even when you veer off course.

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Be Authentic

So many of us spend our time mulling over what we think others want us to do or say. We wonder exactly what we can do to get them to hire us or love us, for example. Then we do those things and get what we think we want (that ring, job, etc.), only to discover it’s not what we thought it would be or it’s not what we really wanted. This is called being inauthentic. If you want to be happy in life, your actions can’t be dictated by your assumptions about what others want or need. They must come from within—namely from your desire to be your best you, not somebody else’s perfect person. Ask yourself what you want, how you want your life to look, and be honest about that in your thoughts, deeds and decisions. If you aren’t so worried about what others want or think, you can avoid toxic life choices.

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Be Vulnerable

There’s so much emphasis put on appearances. Is it really important to appear strong, even if you’re not? The truth is, if you don’t ask for help, you won’t get it and asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength and vulnerability. But there’s a fine line: If you constantly ask for help, you won’t grow. If you never ask for help, you risk not improving or growing. The solution is to be vulnerable, but be willing to do the work. If you do, you’ll find that the world (and the people in it) will rise up to help you and often in unexpected ways. Remember that others can help you avoid toxic life choices.

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18 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Avoiding Toxic Life Choices

  1. Jennifer

    At this point in time in my life, The decisions Ive made past and presently have had me in a whirl wind, wondering what is important. Feeling guilty unless I set myself aside and do for those I love above and beyond. Ive found myself stressed and feeling so alone in my own illness that I try to down play so that I can be strong for those I love. Setting aside anything that could possibly move myself forward into a more positive place, as my past had been selfish enough that I made horrible decisions and felt the need to make up for them. Recently I have made some very complicated, painful strides to put myself in a more healthy spiritual place. As soon as I was dedicated and suffering what needed to be felt and suffered through to be whole again, I found myself back sliding just enough in my recovery so that I could be useful again…This email I recieved means alot right now…In a world where scrambled things should make sense..This message did. Thank You for that and blessed be 8

  2. Fallon

    To Meme,
    Well said…., I’m taking this moment of despair and changing my life as of this moment. Thank you,

  3. Missing

    I don’t care what any man wants, if he loves you, he will accept you for who you are!! No man should try to change who you are! The same goes for a woman, first of all they won’t change, second of all they just show their good side to get you! Once they get you, out comes the other side!! But it’s to late because, you already married him!! Believe me I know from experience!! 🙁

  4. meme

    I understand you all ladies. You wanted a relationship even if it is time consuming, and breaks you inside out. But I tell you all, “stupid”, Murray, Shireen and pearl, and Joana. You girls, regardless of distance or age and mind frame must listen to Goldie and Shaylyn. I have gone through a lot of relationships, long distance, mixed race relationship and even to younger guy. These what I learned, “love first yourself because they will always love their selves before you. Distance and older guys ? Well Joanna, ask yourself if you are willing to become a care giver to him and waste your youth instead of enjoying it, you would be changing diapers or throwing his poop and worst finding yourself in a corner. I know how hard to take care of an elderly and how pesky they become as they age, envious of your freedom to being younger plus the burden of caring when sick. Wake up Joanna, considering you have other options being young. Live a life. As for you Murray, enjoy the moments since at your age ” pregnancy” is obsolete (sic). How long do you think you have? Fly Andrea…feel the breeze, let him be the wind beneath your wings because you never know how far you could go. The clock of life is ticking and it ain’t gonna slow down for old ladies like us :(. And for you ” stupid”, let him be to his stupidity. Show him you are happy in his presence BUT DON’T LET HIM CRUSH YOUR SPIRIT.” I MET A GUY LIKE THAT WHO GONE CRAZY BECAUSE I AM NOT BUYING HIS ANTICS ANYMORE.!!! Look at the mirror and start getting a make over for yourself. Be beautiful again…NOT FOR HIM, BUT FOR YOURSELF. Later on you will eventually regain your self esteem, looking beautiful and acting it out usually drives a man in a pit of jealousy and who knows…A BETTER GUY MAY NOTICE YOU AND WHISKED YOU AWAY FROM YOUR STUPID LIFE (?)…GUESS WHAT LADIES, I AM 59 but I look in my late 30’s because I learned to love myself more that those guys..lol…”LOVE STRONG BUT LIVE STRONGEST FOR YOURSELF”

  5. shaylyn71

    This is for “stupid”. I know how hard it is to walk away. You’re afraid that he will stop you and keep you from leaving. If you not lucky he will get so angry that he just hits you over and over. Get away from him. Hide some money, hide a packed bag and be ready. Slip a couple of sleep aids in his drink and when he goes to sleep get away from him. Leave the state for a year or two. Go somewhere safe.

  6. goldie

    insteasd of calling your self stupid, its called low self esteem, wake up, i had the same “problem” life sent me a guy that made me feel the same way, the guy was a control freak, i got to the point where i called CP and the reader told me what was going on, it took lets say about a year, u have to learn to crawl then walk out of this low self esteem stuff, first by getting rid of the guy that makes u feel that way, this guy life sent told me i could dress better, i told him if he didnt like it, u can see yourself out, and havent seen him since, but seeing a guy whos just a honey, yes u can do it.

  7. Pearl

    Worried: ( that it’s been 4years since I have a soulmate ~ a true relationship; ( I’m beginning 2 get concerned because the clock is ticking* I feel no one is interested For a true relationship. I get the notion men only contact a woman N hope of only a sexual encounter! And, I’m not about that. Too me that’s a need not a nessity!!!!
    Please, send me some feedback: (

  8. stupid

    Well here is my life .. real talk i am trying to out live an a abusive relationship .. I have tried to escape only to find myself back in hell again .. no feeling no emotions just hell .. life choices ??.I can only see how stupid I am in all of this . he comes back to beat me degrade me and buy himself a new car an tell me how many woman he would let drive in it ..

  9. Najdeep

    I dont believe in pridiction and all that but still calfornia gives me facts and always lead me to the right path. I am so thankful to all their team.

  10. joanna

    I am involve in a long distant relationship with a older man than I am. but I am worried if this is the right relationship for me.

  11. joanna

    I am in a long distant relationship with an older man than I am but I am wondering if I am in the right path way to success. how does my relationship looks. please HELP!!!!!!

  12. dion

    Carlifonia psychics help me everytym how to start my day,with mantra I have everything to live on you talk about all its happening in my life thank you dear I’m in South Africa

  13. Andrea Murray

    I’ve not been able to call because the money isn’t there for me right now. Well I just started dating a guy who I met New Years thru his cousin. We had a good vibe. Then a few months ago he asked his cousin to give me his phone# so that we could get together. Well first date was this past w/e. I invited him to a concert. We went we stayed at a hotel room over night since both of us lived a distance. He had one bed, I had the other. Everything fine, good. I’ve not spoken with him too much since. I can be agressive in a relationship because I go for what I want. I’m taking a different route. Laying back because ALL past relationships have been awful. Not alll but the last one. Should I just kinda lay back chill. Let him call me. Only if I’m going to a special function I should call and say, wanna go ordeal? Guy is very good looking. He’s younger (56), me (64) will be 65 October 16th. He’s a Libra as well. Oct. 6th. We have a great time when we’re together. It’s just that I’ve not dated in a long time…….6 years. I understand the dating game has changed. I’m old school. Don’t sleep around. Have morals, principals and values. HELP!!!!

  14. Sudhakar

    I know very well that I am jumping into disasters but due to my kind heart I help others and get into big trouble. Indian Astrology says it is a period called Kethu dasha which lasts for 7 years. Anything I do, I get into trouble, eventhough I very well know it.

    In this case what should I do?


  15. shireen

    please help with a problem my boyfriend want space. we had to move together. We hd a dis agreement he said must change my ways to please him. I love him so much it hurt me. we a mix race couple. Please give advice


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