Are My Looks Holding Me Back?

There’s power in the way we present ourselves to the world, and shallow as it may seem, how we appear to others does count. Research tells us that people make decisions about who we are as soon they first lay eyes on us. Even though it would be great if people got to know the inner person first, it’s one’s outer appearance that makes that first very important impression. There is more to being attractive than conforming to the current standards of conventional beauty. If you feel your appearance may be holding you back in life, Tara Joan has some sage advice.

In a Tarot spread, very often a woman dealing with a broken heart will pull the Queen of Pentacles. This means that this woman is not expressing who she is and has lost touch with her sense of pleasure. And while there are multiple interpretations, this card is all about loving yourself and giving yourself some much needed pleasure and pampering.

The trick is to get who you are to really shine from the inside-out. Your appearance is like a bit of a canvas, and you are the artist. It’s not about trying to look like someone else, it’s about enjoying what you’ve got and expressing your own sense of beauty. Most people tend to underestimate their own attractiveness, in both their personal and professional lives.

Have you ever met someone, either a man or woman, who either enters a room or walks into your space and you’re immediately drawn to them. They have that indefinable it factor that works like a magnet. If you look at them closely they may not be conventionally good looking or expensively dressed, but the way they carry themselves, their self-assurance, good grooming and personal style, gives you a positive feeling about them. These people are usually good communicators and listeners, too. These are traits anyone can emulate.

If you are worried that your looks are holding you back, do take honest stock of your appearance. First look at the obvious. If you haven’t updated your hair, or your wardrobe in a while, that may be a first step. Ask your trusted friends if they think you need a makeover — either emotionally or for appearances sake. And I don’t mean one of those extreme makeovers that require surgery or serious physical alterations. Sometimes even the smallest change — a new outfit, a new haircut, committing to an hour of yoga once a week — can refresh the way you feel about yourself and send that message to all who meet you.

11 thoughts on “Are My Looks Holding Me Back?

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  3. cristiana

    In my country, Romania, looks count very much, and so does age. I would even say age counts even more, since you can often see people in positions they do not deserve just because they’re under 20; unfortunately,there is nothing in their appearance, behaviour, speech etc that would faintly suggest they have any intellectual activity.

  4. luz Evangelista

    This is very inspiring knowing that a person may still look good on the way she projects herself simply by the her attitude and values, her faith and acceptance on oneself. Thanks for the tips.


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