Appreciate the Little Things

The Small Wins

This is the time of year where we begin to feel the pressure to spend money and be cheery. But the holidays usually mean stress for most of us—our emotions run high and we feel like we don’t have time to take a breath or live in the moment. But if you want to enjoy the holidays, that’s exactly what you need to do and you can start by learning to appreciate the little things.

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The Little Things Count

Joy is not found in one great big thing. While big things are wonderful, they are few and far between. They are not the things that make you happy, from day to day. What does make you happy, day to day, are the little things. They are what counts, my friends.

The Gentle Blessings

This Thanksgiving, remember the little things, or the small wins, as I call them. They’re the little things that bring a smile to your face, whether it’s a text from a friend you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile or watching children playing in the snow. It’s really anything that makes a moment pleasant, like coming home to someone else doing the dishes or having the door held open for you, or getting home in a reasonable amount of time during rush hour. The little things add up, so don’t forget them and be grateful for each and every one of them. They are gentle blessings!

Mood, Stress and Awareness

Think back to a day where one good thing and one bad thing happened. Perhaps your barista spelled your name correctly on your coffee cup for the first time in ages and then your boss got snippy with you at work. What experience from that day sticks out to you the most? Chances are, it’s your snippy boss. What about the day you came home to clean, folded laundry, but your partner broke up with you? When there’s so much on a bigger scale that goes on in your life, it’s far too easy to oversee the small blessings you are granted. But I tell you that taking time in your day to recognize those seemingly insignificant events will naturally raise your mood, decrease stress, and heighten your awareness of the world around you.

Pay It Forward

When someone does something nice for you, remember to thank them. That shows gratitude. Thank the person who made your coffee. Thank the person who did the dishes or the laundry. If someone holds the door open for you, hold the door open for someone else. If someone compliments you, be sure to compliment them back. Not only does this kind of active engagement elevate your heart and soul to a higher vibration, it’s infectious as well.

Engage More, Receive More

The more you engage, the more you’ll receive. If we all spent more time appreciating and being grateful for the little things, the better the world would be. And that is something you can take to the bank! Take care this holiday season and thank you for taking the time to read this!


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