Anatomy of the Male Brain

I stumbled upon an article written about psychologist Louann Brizendine’s book The Male Brain. Normally I chuckle at this kind of stuff, I like to believe that everything in life comes down to perspective and which pair of glasses you put on in any given situation.

Yes, males have wandering eyes, I won’t deny that, but we are simply admiring beauty. Furthermore, as humans, when something catches your eye, naturally you are going to look at it. Not only does it make us males normal, it’s also a normal thing women do, they are just better at being incognito about it!

I think the issue with Louann Brizendine’s work is that they rely on what books say and “scientific facts” rather than some good old fashioned life experience. People are quite dynamic, some more than others, but nevertheless will surprise you and will debunk stereotypes. So trying to describe male and female brains using percentages and unproven theories only confuses people more and misleads a vulnerable reader.

Look, we live in a fast paced modern society and I like to believe that people are more and more accepting of everyone, gender, race, etc. It just appears that we’re not, because the negative aspects are so widely reported in the media and brought to our attention. Again, it’s all about perspective.

Men and women will always be different, I would argue, neither will ever fully understand each other 100%. It’s about being conscious, enjoying our time with people, and not categorizing or stereotyping them by gender.

12 thoughts on “Anatomy of the Male Brain

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  5. k

    Ahhh. I so love this subject.
    I myself have been put to the test, so to speak, and have unfortunately found myself on the ‘cheatee’ side. Not a very flattering side, and Dawn; how I also did not want to be a fool and how I was in denial that this man I trusted and loved could turn me into a one. I just wouldnt believe myself. Denial at its worse.
    Why some men act on impulses and some dont. Its their human nature, and yes, it is very real and yes, very scientific.
    I majored in anthropology, I am very passionate about this topic.
    So, men have a biological need to cohabitate and continue reproducing the species.
    Difference in the animal kingdom between men and other mammal species is all in the mind, men have the power of reasoning within their brain. Therefore, if a man cannot control his biological needs, it is without a doubt, a sign of weakness.
    Remember, the Cheryl Crowe song, Strong Enough?
    Well, at 51, I am now saying, ‘Are you strong enough to be my man’?

    That is how you can tell a real man from a weak man.

    thank you
    peace and love to all!

  6. chloechloe

    Hi Jude!
    Excellent point. I like to celebrate the difference between men and women and yes, we are different. It’s part of why we are so often fascinated by one another. There may very well be scientific explainations for some of these difference but science will never full explain the difference in an individuals response.

    They can count each and every neurological connection and chalk up countless statistics of who does what when. However, that won’t explain why, for example one person just looks while another cheats or the different degrees of attraction. Why for example can a women be attracted to one man but be infatuated with another? Thanks for sharing this Jude, I’m glad you’ve pointed out that the empirical process has validity in many instances but it will never serve us if we let it trump our own wisdom, experience and insights. ~Chloe (ext: 9421)

  7. Joann Fairley

    I believbe after 23 years of marriage that males not only have a roaming eye but if given the chance
    they will deffinately act on that impulse and their brains are you know where

  8. dawn

    nice write up.. i tend todisagree,but i am weird.imho if you truely love who you are with you dont wonder. not eyes not mind.the hard part is finding someone who feels the same.people have sent me pictures of models,,i laugh .why would you be into someone who might strain a wee muscle.. when i am in a relatinship its all them.yes outside influences cann ruin a relationship–but if its strong enough and real love nothing would break that..i always got ((from the second one)) how jealeous i was.hmm emails,unexplaind times,phone calls and pictures via phone…jealous?? no I dont like being made a fool…if i am not enough for him..he needs to are as commited as women..they cant handle responsiblity.before you argue that..women are the one stuck with the brunt of the force while men walk many kids are without dad?yes some men have the same problem. i also dont agree while in a relationship that the opposite sex as a friend is a good idea…not.anyhow imo. 🙂 someday ill find someone who onl has eyes and thoughts of me..until that time:) happy being me for the first time in 44 yrs;) have agreat day:)

  9. cynthia addison

    i truly agree thank you , if you would read my book called the devil hates marriages you would see that my thoughts are the same

  10. Rose Mary EXT 9549

    Hi Jude,
    I really enjoyed your perspective in this post…especially the part about staying conscious and not stereotyping. I’ve always worked very hard at avoiding labels and putting myself or other people in categories. This can be quite challenging for all of us I would think.
    As a working intuitive, the last 40 years have certainly taught me to keep an open mind about things such as gender, age, race, and especially behavior. In my readings, I’ve noticed that staying focused on what we as human beings have in common as opposed to our differences produces the most joy and the deepest spiritual healing. I’ve also noticed with my clients, how a judgmental stance can be used as a way to avoid enjoying life’s pleasures to the fullest. For me, it comes down to the difference between acting from a false or antiquated belief system instead of listening to your internal heart felt knowing. I believe all of us human beings have the capacity to discern the difference and I agree with you…it is a matter of perspective and choice.
    Thanks for the great article and keep up the good work.

    Much light.
    Psychic Rose Mary EXT 9549


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