Altered Consciousness

Do you remember the gorgeous girl in high school who was convinced she was ugly? Her low self-esteem made her awkward (or even overly outspoken), resulting in bad luck when it came to romance – which, naturally, only reinforced her misperception of herself. This may have even been you or someone you’re close to. You may still be experiencing the problem.

Inaccurate, negative self-perception is something that many of us struggle with – a conflict between how we see ourselves and how we are, objectively. Often, we become almost hypnotized by our frequent thoughts of ourselves – whether those thoughts are positive or cruelly negative.

This is where the frequent admonitions to “Think Positive” or recite affirmations arise from – yet recent studies show that trying to overlay positive statements over a chronic negative self-assessment is often ineffective. It’s like laying bright wallpaper over a crumbling wall – the wall may be ostensibly sunnier for a bit, but ultimately it’s falling away. And it’s still going to come down, because it’s not the surface, but the underlying issue that needs to be resolved.

The more negative our self-image, the more convinced we are that nothing will change for the better – especially the circumstances of our lives. Psychologists have shown that people who are positive and cheerful tend to be enjoy more success, in large part because they don’t feel defeated at the outset. A good attitude about yourself will translate into more success, which makes you more energetic and then attracts more success in an upward spiraling cycle.

Get there from here
The first powerful step to change is remarkably easy. Just notice what you think about yourself. By that simple act, you’re bringing your repetitive internal “self-talk” into consciousness. As this comes into conscious focus, you may be surprised to hear how you talk to yourself, and how many of these ideas of yourself date back long years. While the outer circumstances of your life may have changed as you became an adult, your inner view of yourself may still be built on unfortunate experiences and the emotional memories of your childhood or adolescence.

Journal it
The next step requires a little more dedication, but remains relatively simple. Keep a journal of these statements and note when they occur. Are you harshest with yourself at work, at home, in your romantic life, with your children? What situations trigger negative self-talk? Over time your journal will make these “trigger areas” in your life obvious. Then you can try a technique derived from Cognitive Therapy. Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On one side write the negative statement and on the other, the actual reality – the truth.

For example:

That was so stupid!
I am so stupid!
That was a careless mistake.
Everyone makes them occasionally.
Mistakes do not mean I’m stupid.

This will make your automatic, unconscious negativity obvious and allow you to make a clear and conscious decision if you want to continue to treat yourself in a manner you’d never treat a stranger, a child, a co-worker. Why choose to treat yourself so differently than you’d treat others? Is this how you want to live your life? What would your life be like if you treated yourself with the kindness you lavish on others? What might be possible for you to give and to create if you were 100% ‘behind yourself?’ Think of what you might bring to the world.

Changing the world is a matter of changing our minds about the world – and that begins with consciously changing our minds about ourselves. From this radical decision to choose ourselves and create our lives, magic is made. When we are positive and kind with ourselves, it radiates out to everyone we meet and literally changes our environments. By concentrating on changing what is in our power to change, the world will be wonderfully, creatively different.

But like everything, the change begins at home – with yourself.

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