Age is Just a Number: How to Embrace Getting Older

How to Embrace Getting Older

What Getting Older Really Means

Autumn tends to make us think about slowing down for a moment. It is that wonderful time between the kinetic energy of summer and the social pressures of the holidays. It is, in fact, a moment to breathe. For those of us who have autumn birthdays, or for those who are approaching what is considered “the autumn years,” it is also a time to consider what the next birthday really represents.

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We’re getting older, but what does it mean to accept and become comfortable with the aging process? Where is the line between growing older and growing old? Does this mean that life should cease its magical adventure and we should consider learning to knit in the corner of the room? Should we pine away for the morning of our life and ignore the joys found in the evening of it? Absolutely not! That’s not what getting older is all about.

A Youth-Oriented Culture

Growing older should never mean adhering to a conventional thought process that dismisses the power of this time of life. In a youth-oriented culture, it is very easy to lose one’s footing and feel the “cool” in your life has been replaced with frost! It can be very challenging to find your balance and your self-respect when a newly discovered line seems to crease your formerly attractive face. Every magazine you see shouts out your imperfections. Madison Avenue dictates that age is something to be avoided, stopped and/or dismissed as immediately and severely as possible. Slicing this and altering that is the only way to keep up. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Distorted Beauty

Now that more and more people are challenging the distortion of Photoshopped photography and distorted perceptions of beauty, the real aesthetics of substance are finally being addressed. When you look into the mirror, do not compare yourself to the latest magazine cover. After all, you don’t look like that person … and neither do THEY! This is all part of a multi-billion dollar industry and it shows no sign of ending or even slowing down.

Getting Older is a Gift

Getting older is a gift not given to everyone. Every day millions of people of every age group are denied this honor. You have a reason and a purpose for being here at this moment and at this time. Your chronological age has nothing to do with your wisdom, worth or dreams. The world is just now beginning to find you and you should be ready to answer the call. Things are expanding daily for you. All you have to do is open your mind to receive these wonders!

The Wildness of the Heart

I have had numerous clients who were ashamed to be dating someone who was substantially younger. For the past year, I have been with someone who is 23 years my junior, so imagine my confusion as to what the big concern is for such a trivial issue! After all, who determines where the heart leads? Who is telling you that you should color inside the lines? It is in the wildness of the heart where aging ceases to exist.

Passion and Wisdom Combined

There is a wonderful melange that can be created by blending the passion of a youthful spirit with the wisdom and pride of growing older. There is a quiet and gentle acceptance and surrender that can be enjoyed and cherished. It can be shared and developed to an even greater extent than you can possibly imagine. After all, nothing is as sexy as a confident person, regardless of their age. As long as everyone involved is above the legal age, they are happy with one another, and it is a positive experience for both parties, who cares?

Really Celebrate Your Next Birthday!

If you find yourself approaching another birthday under less than optimum conditions, please don’t think it has to do with your age! Call me and let’s identify the stumbling blocks you may be ignoring and find how to celebrate this gorgeous, golden moment in time. After all, there will never be another one like it. This is your time to shine. Embrace it!

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7 thoughts on “Age is Just a Number: How to Embrace Getting Older

  1. violet

    I will turn 71 this month …I have raised 4 fine sons mostly alone …worked three jobs to keep a roof and food for them….My youngest is 46 all doing well.Now it is my time… I have a 65 year old lover …I travel when I can and have a very active life. I help friends when they need help Whether it is to paint their house ,gardening, or just being there for moral support in a crises. I love life and shall live every second that is given me. I have been blessed with excellent health, a kind heart, humor Everything is better with a smile or a hardy laugh…wine helps, but good close friends and family are important… Spirituality in the universe…faith in mankind because that is all we have..The good will always prevail.

  2. Jesse

    Dear Dorothy (Dee),
    You are delightful! Wait for me to catch up and we will both celebrate our age! I am not yet at the Red Hat Society stage, but I sure enjoy being part of the Black Hat Society (I’m sure Gina Rose will agree to that one! 😉

    Many Blessings, my dear one. You are a role model for us all!

  3. Jesse

    Gina Rose, thank you so much for your insight! And Happy Birthday! I just celebrated mine last week. And this marks my 12th year with California Psychics…so much to be thankful for!
    Any day above ground is never wasted. Let’s make it count even bigger and better than last year!

  4. SHOSHANA 6497

    How brilliant, as I prepare for my 70th, your blog brought joy and inspiration….I have a Bucket List, that has just opened up.longer, thanks to YOU! Should we forget we are Spirits having a Human experience…..getting older allows me to share the experience, wisdom, and joy of a life “well lived”….nature dulls the vision, hearing…on purpose, ( intuition has never been sharper). Reminding us we still are GORGEOUS!!! Keep on encouraging this fabulous stage of life…..even if Gravity seems to be winning….N’amaste…Shoshana

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, with another birthday coming this week for me, your article was right on time, Jesse.

    I also, receive many calls, from ladies dating gentlemen much younger than they are.

    Ladies, Karma does NOT KNOW age, race, religion, location, or social status !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karma is a soul to soul connection on the spiritual plane. If that person makes you happy…..don’t let any stigma about your age get in your way.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. Dorothy (Dee)

    Many Thanks

    I do worry because i don`t have the breath or energy that i did have , I was very active, but agree Age is a number ,the only problem is my mind works quicker than my body I am a senior of 28, sorry I got that backwards if you know what I mean LOL
    Shhh don`t tell anyone I am 82 .
    A younger man? why not

    I must get back to the Gym again or maybe Pilates ???

    Best regards



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