A Life Full of Gratitude

The most attractive trait in mankind, aside from compassion, would have to be gratitude. I find a sense of gratitude to be a sure sign of heading towards that God-likeness we know to exist – but that gratitude takes effort to bring to the surface. When a person becomes conscious of the immense amount of beauty, miracles and generosity of nature that surrounds them on a daily basis, one can begin to see that in essence, we are here to learn, love and be thankful.

In much of the world today, there’s constant hunger for “more,” and a lack of appreciation for what we already have. Nothing good will come out of this mentality. I hate to say it, but the world is in dire need of gratitude.

If you want a quick, dramatic shift in perspective, spend an entire day being thankful. From the moment you wake up in the morning until the last thought of the day – live thankfully. You can’t fake gratitude – the results you seek will not appear if you try. I’m talking about really feeling, from deep in your core, genuine gratitude for every person, every challenge, every word spoken to you, every cloud you see, every flower you smell, everything you do, eat, drink, laugh at and maybe even cry about… fill your being with NOTHING but gratitude. The world will look like an entirely different place. Think what the world would look like if we all lived life this way!

As we look to the future and take into consideration the generations to come – our kid’s kid’s kids – do you see the human race becoming more or less grateful? If you’re leaning towards the latter, then you know there is work to be done! There’s nothing more humbling then living a life full of generosity, contribution, love, and gratitude. It will center your being, little things will cease to bother you, and you can begin to live a life void of becoming a victim of circumstance.

It’s not going to be easy – cultivating a depth of gratitude takes a lot of effort and discipline – but it is vital to the future of mankind. You can begin small, by taking time out each day to simply give thanks. You could try being extra conscious of your reactions in challenging situations… volunteer more, start a blog about your progress, read books, encourage others by offering different solutions when they lean on you for advice. Every person living life with gratitude is helping bring us one step closer to a more peaceful world. I believe in you, and I thank you for reading this.

21 thoughts on “A Life Full of Gratitude

  1. teensie

    I am intune to the universe and people. I have the ability to forsee and nurture those who cross my path. I believe in miracles. I have experienced a miracale. My thoughts could not invision what was going to happen. Pulled over on my way to a friends house. As fate would have it , I pushed my luck with a tempory tag. Expired tag. Under arrest for an FAP (failier to appear in court) I’m hand cuffed,under arrest in the back seat of a H.way patrol car. I could not picture , no vision of where I was going ,my toy pappillion dog pierre( I believe he’s one of my guardian angels ) my car !!! my only thought was no,no, no, this is not happening. Like I said no pictures or visions in my head. Due to a series of events and I believe no pictures or preconcived visions, I was released uncuffed the officer gave me back my DL ,let me drive away in my unregistersed car. When I win my ten miniute reading please tell me how to be a better miracle worker so I can help others through my visions. White light of protection for all………love teensie’s angels

  2. Karen

    Just yesterday I posted a message on my facebook page and part of the message was “Forever grateful for the most precious gift in world”. It was my son’s birthday, but also a significant date I wished for 10 years ago when he was battling illness. At that time I envisaged and pictured him today, living, laughing, learning, growing and all of the things a parent could wish for their children. A wish from the universe was granted and I am forever grateful. When I need guidance or want to give thanks I will often look to the stars in the sky and say a prayer or give thanks and this is something that has always offered comfort and reassurance when life gets tough.

  3. Natalie

    Every morning that I awaken and start a new day is something that I am thankful for. I say a prayer of thanks for everything in my life, including the prayers that are sometimes not answered. There is a reason that we don’t always get the answers we think we want. As an example, I contracted to buy a house and the realtor did something very unethical and I did not get the house. Later on, I found that that entire block was over a body of water that had polluted groundwater. I was so thankful that I was prevented from getting that house!
    I believe in giving back, to the community, to loved ones and those who need help. I believe in “paying it forward.” Thankfully, I have so much more than lot of people, especially those in other lands and poor communities. Therefore, I do volunteer work and give what I can where it is needed most. I send packages to soldiers overseas who have no loved ones to send them things. I’m so thankful they are protecting our country. Instead of token gifts to loved ones at holidays, I give the money in their honor to organizations like Heifer International, because they give animals and training to poor people in villages world-wide so they can have food and shelter. I’m thankful for the help that is provided to those people. No-one in the world should go without food, water and shelter. Those people have nothing much to be thankful for, so I hope in some small way to change that by what I give. Paying it forward means to help others so that they also have something to be thankful for, and then pass it on to the next person.

  4. Brenda

    My son had a car accident 3 years ago and is in a wheelchair. I have learned gratitude through other parents who have lost a child. The feeling of grief never goes away for them, one that I cannot imagine. They tell me what they would give to have their son or daughter in a wheelchair, so they could hug them, or talk to them. They tell me this with tears in their eyes, and how lucky I am and to never take my children for granted. Every time I get pissy with the world over something big or small, there is a parent who has lost a child put in my path. This keeps me forever, grateful and full of gratitude for what I have with my son. I have the best of the worst. Others know it, and I know it. Thank you.

  5. sheena evans

    im a mother of two boys an another on the way i have been with there dad7yrs we had lost everything our home vehicles job an found out i was pregnet all within two weeks im now in a shelter with my kids i have no family no friends that will help or even to talk to im in a state alone .no positive input in mylife when i spoke to a psychic before from california psychics free for 5 minutes it was amazing it help me so much just to here things for us was going to change an eventially we were going to get in a home it hung up so quickly i just was so amazed an greatful to here there will be a end to this horror .for som one to listen an feel an understand is a blessing for me i have no one besides my babies in life please give me another chance with a reading

  6. adriene jones

    Being grateful is being alive, well, and being around family to share joy, happiness, and laughter. I’m very grateful for being here, I’m able to type this message without someone else has to do it for me. I’m in my right mind, can think for myself, and can walk, talk, give a smile to someone else who needs it. And most of all, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and looking forward to Christmas.

  7. Laura

    My sense of gratitude is being thankful what I have, what I have obtained, and the blessings that keep coming my way. I have had some serious set backs in my own personal relationships but still thankful I have experienced them and hopefully learned from them. I have to say my most moving sense of gratitude came with everything on 9/11. How can anyone not feel compelled to sense of grief and a need to want to do something. My way of being thankful for the sacrifices made that day I decided I needed to be useful if something like that were to happen again. I am a nurse, I wanted to use that not just for a way of living, but to give back a gift given to me to help others. I joined my Medical Reserve Core in my county as a volunteer. I have been trained to help in incidents such as 9/11. I now use those trainings to help in my own hospital for disaster preparedness. I want so much to help others and never see what happened that day ever happen again, if so I want to be useful not helpless. I am thankful for the gifts God has given me to be able to be useful that way.

  8. Carmelina

    Thank you for the soul enriching narrative. Everyday one must give gratitude for the present- positive hopes for the future and treasured memories of the past. Love touches all we come in contact during the course of the day. Kiss the rain drops that fall on our lips and they will melt our troubles away with love.
    Thank you for being my life.

  9. Hemwattie Devi Prashad

    Gratitude is to live thankfully, appreciate what others have done for you. Pray for others the same way you pray for yourselves.

  10. Ellisa Hanna

    That article could not have been more important. Our family shows thanks everyday by realizinf even though we don’t have much someone has less and we always help whether we can or not in some form or another. God only tests our ability to adapt to our situations.

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  12. joycex9598

    Hi Justine!
    I LOVE this article… it would so change the world if everyone woke up one day and decided to be focused on everything they were grateful for, thank you so much for this great reminder 🙂 Much love and light! Joyce x9598

  13. Justine

    Carmen & Jacqueline – thank you!

    Carmen, have you heard the song “Life is Beautiful” by Sixxam? (good rock tune) but it speaks exactly about what you just said… “When you’ve lost everything, that’s when you realize, that life is beautiful…” It seems like the purest form of gratitude…

  14. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Justine,
    Beautiful words spoken, I do believe we are headed for a state of pure gratitude, people are realizing that they have so much to be grateful for, just look around you its everywhere, the birds that wake you up in the morning, when you walk out side and smell the flowers this is there way of saying good morning.

    People are recognizing that pure happiness comes not from money and possessions gathered along the way but its through simple gratitude.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  15. Carmen Hexe

    Oh dear, girl. Never have truer words been spoken! Sadly, it seems that a lot of people are very content to wallow in their own self pity. I have found that the most grateful people out there are those who have truly learned the meaning of loss. Somehow when one has hit the bottom, one learns to appreciate and no longer take things for granted.

    Yay for this article! 😀

  16. Justine

    Thanks everyone! I’m so thankful to hear you liked it 😉 …writing posts about what’s important is such a good reminder for myself too. I think we can always be thankful for something… have a great day!

  17. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Great article, Justine. I agree with this.
    Smile to the world, and world smiles back at you 🙂
    hugs and big thanks,
    miss krystal

  18. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Justine,
    This was a wonderful, heartfelt article, as I sit here sipping my first cup of coffee this morning…

    ,…….and so true.

    My saying has always been : ” things could be worse “…….I’ve learned to see the glass half full……rather than half empty.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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