7 Overlooked Ways to Make People Happy

Space, Reunions and Remote Controls

Money, food, romance and luxurious vacations do not always bring happiness. When trying to make someone happy, think outside of the box and consider his or her individual personality, needs and dreams. To get you started, here are seven unusual ways to make people happy that often fly under the radar.

1. Give Them Space

Sometimes, people just need their space. Space from one’s spouse, children, coworkers, family, and/or friends can be beneficial to any relationship at certain times. Specifically, space allows a person time to relax, decompress, and actually miss their loved ones. Stress-free time alone releases daily pressures that build up, which lets us see the bigger picture of what and who truly matters in our lives. Do they already seem more distant than usual and won’t talk about it? Get another point of view from Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364.

2. Give Them the Remote

The remote control is a symbol of power because the television is the primary center of entertainment in many households. Holding the remote can be like wearing a crown. Giving someone the remote symbolizes that they are in control, they can make the final decision, and they can enjoy themselves for the next few hours by watching whatever they wish. So giving a person the remote control can bring temporary authority and bliss.

3. Let Them Have the Last Word

Isn’t it nice to be right? Isn’t it a relief not to have to argue into the wee hours about something trivial? Isn’t it wonderful to know that you said all you wanted to say and that your audience accepted it as truth? Well, this is why letting someone have the last word is an unusual way of making someone happy. Let go of your need to be right and make the last comment. Give the last word to someone who would be pleased to have that chance at a brilliant closing argument.

4. Reunite Them With Someone Else

Is there a special person from your loved one’s past that they are always talking about when they bring up the “good old times?” Are they still in touch with this person? If not, why not plan a surprise reunion? Our past experiences, relationships and memories often make us happy to this day, so why not consider bringing them into the present for a bit?

5. Support Their Weird Life Dreams 

Does your loved one often talk about business ideas, writing pitches, fantasy vacations, dream jobs, and so on? If so, why not help them purse this dream, no matter how weird it may seem to you? You live only once, so wouldn’t you appreciate it if someone offered to financially back or emotionally support your dream? Just offering this encouragement and help may even be enough to make someone happy. Knowing that someone “has your back” and believes in you is priceless.

6. Ask Them What Would Make Them Happy 

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is: Just ask the person of interest how to bring him or her joy. You may be surprised how simple the response is. When I asked my boyfriend what I could do to make him happy, his first response was “steak and a blow job.”

7. Call a Psychic 

People can be really hard to read. Even if you ask someone how to make him or her happy, he or she may just respond with the dreaded “I don’t know.” At this point, it would be very helpful to talk to a psychic to get a feel for this person’s energy and desires. Is your partner or friend a mystery to you? Talk with Sybil Ann ext. 9543 to get a read on who they are deep down.

Though it is not our responsibility to make other people happy; it is something we may like to do. However, it can become quite the challenge with some reluctant or stoic people. Hopefully, one or more of these tips may help you give that special person some happiness in their life. As a bonus for you, bringing happiness to others will make you feel more fulfilled. Buddha said, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

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  1. Nancy

    How wonderful! This article made me feel warm and fuzzy. I will refer to it and apply those applicable suggestions when needed. Thank you!


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