A 60-Second Solution to Improve Your Well-Being

Forgiving and Letting Go

Autumn brings cooler days, air that smells fresh and crisp, a glorious riot of color, and two of the three annual harvest celebrations. Harvest time is a time of reaping what was sown back in the spring, and it’s also the time to prepare the seeds we will sow next spring. What better way to prepare than to “harvest” and rid ourselves of any negative feelings that impact our well-being, whether directed at others or ourselves, and clear our emotional and spiritual “fields” for what we will plant in the upcoming seasons?

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A Perpetual Cycle

This can be a challenging task. When we are deeply hurt, the associated feelings of anger and betrayal leave deep wounds in our well-being that never truly close and which we carry into our future lives and relationships. It’s much the same when we hold onto negative views of ourselves, even when those images are false. And when someone hurts through no fault of our own, our minds grab onto those erroneous, negative views of ourselves, telling us that we deserved it, thereby ripping open that wound yet again and perpetuating a cycle of hurt and incomplete healing.

Harvesting and Releasing

Imagine how wonderful it would be if we had a tool in place that we could call on any time these ugly thoughts or feelings reared their heads. What an incredible gift of harvesting and releasing we could give ourselves. Now imagine being able to do it any time, anywhere, in just 60 seconds or less!


That tool is forgiveness and I would like to share with you a method I developed 25 years ago, when I was going through a less-than-amicable divorce, child custody dispute and division of a joint business—a process which took more than two years and impacted my well-being.

Calm, Balanced and Present

Due to the emotional roller coaster that comes along with such a trying time, I had trouble sleeping (and sometimes even thinking clearly when I was awake), but I had a young child who needed me to be calm, balanced and present so I had to find a solution and quickly! I took myself to the beach, my favorite calming and clearing place, and asked for guidance as to how I could immediately regain control of my emotions whenever I felt the need.

Ebbing and Flowing

As I walked along the shoreline, I watching the tide just rolling in and out, naturally and effortlessly ebbing and flowing. I realized that a sense of inner calm and control over my tumultuous emotions could be just that simple, though it would require a bit of focus and sincere intent on my part. As I listened to the sound of the surf, the words came to me, and I heard, “Michael, I forgive your soul for stirring up this painful karmic situation. Seren, I forgive your soul for participating in this challenging karmic situation. I bless and release both of us in perfect love and perfect trust to our best and highest goods.” The gentle breeze at the shore that day reminded me that, when we give our breath to our intentions, we also give them life, and so I knew that the words had to be said out loud, though even a whisper would be enough. And so I tried it. What did I have to lose, except some bad feelings?

Giving Voice to Intent

So there on that beach where the water met the sand, a place considered by many to be between worlds, I first gave voice to my intent. I would love to say that once was sufficient to resolve my feelings and improve my well-being, but that would not be true. I did feel a slight lifting and letting go, and that was enough to convince me to continue the practice until I was completely free.

A Sigh of Relief

There were days when I did not have to call upon my new tool and other days where I needed to utilize it a dozen or more times. Each time I did, I felt that same bit of letting go and being just that much more uplifted. Then one day, I felt a sigh of relief and knew that I had succeeded in liberating myself from the hold that the negative feelings had on me!


This technique can be amended for any purpose to improve your well-being. You don’t have to say “painful karmic situation” as I did; you can insert any adjective that suits your situation. Should you have a need to forgive or release negative feelings about yourself, simply insert your name into both parts of the mantra. It’s that simple!

I invite you to take just 60 seconds for your mantra each time negative feelings arise. You will begin to see and feel the difference.

Brightest Blessings,

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4 thoughts on “A 60-Second Solution to Improve Your Well-Being

  1. Pat Sheffield

    How do I stop thinking of the love of my life for many years leaving me for a dear friend of mine on my mind constantly can’t sleep eat even though he betrayed me still love him I can’t function like I use to life has lost all joy want to stop this maddening feeling but nothing is working I should hate and b angry but my heart is so broken don’t know what to do to get the zest to lliving back been praying to God to erace my heartache but so far no change had to resort to antianxiety meds which was last resort I’m a young active 79 vibrant woman who had the wind knocked out of my sails.

  2. Mystii Aarseth

    This article is so well written. I love the way you can see what she is saying in your mind while you are reading it and the advice is so valid. With a little time, this is a great technique.


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