5 Ways to Feel More Beautiful—Right Now!

5 Ways to Feel More Beautiful

Stop the Negative Self-Talk

No matter our weight, size or shape, we all struggle with body issues from time to time. For many women, having body-related hang-ups just seems to be part of being female. Of course, many men struggle with insecurities, too. But instead of going down the path of negativity, there are some easy ways to get yourself out of a funk when it comes to your physical form. When the not-so-nice self-talk starts in your head, try the following five tips, find body positivity in a flash, and feel more beautiful.

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1. Put Down the Fashion Magazine
Flipping through the pages of your favorite monthly, you may find yourself feeling less inspired and more downhearted. Image after image of Photoshopped, airbrushed models will do that to you. If you find that you feel worse about yourself while reading a magazine, or even watching a TV show, recognize what’s happening and go do something else: Take a walk outside, curl up with a good book and a cup of tea, go pet your dog, call a friend—anything! Seeing unrealistic images of women tends to mess with our minds. Even though we know the images have been manipulated, our brains still think those waifish forms are still attainable.

2. Only Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Fabulous
As you get dressed in the morning, notice how your outfits make you feel. If you put something on and instantly that negative self-talk loop starts running in your mind, it’s time to change clothes. In fact, you may want to set aside a couple of hours trying on every item of clothing you own and donating anything that doesn’t fit right, seems outdated or just doesn’t make you feel awesome about yourself. While it may seem like you’re giving away too much, life is too short to wear clothing that makes you feel worse about yourself.

3. Be Nice to Yourself
Give yourself a break. If you find that your body negativity is really creeping into your thoughts, banish that mean voice with an affirmation that will lift you up. To prepare for these moments, make a list of all the things you love about yourself, and tape it to your bathroom mirror if you have to! When those negative thoughts pop into your mind, return to that list and remember all the wonderful things you are and have to offer and you’ll feel more beautiful.

4. Opt Out of Body Bashing Conversations
When you’re out with your friends, you may hear others making comments about their bodies—how fat they look, or feel, what body parts they hate and so on. While it’s tempting to find camaraderie in these conversations by chiming it about your own insecurities, don’t. There’s no need to fuel the fires of negativity. Instead, compliment your friends on what you love about them and change the subject. Help them feel more beautiful! There’s no reason for you to bring each other down. Instead, lift others up and they will learn do the same.

5. Treat Yourself
Every so often, give your body the gift of pampering, which will make you love and appreciate yourself more. Get your nails done, go for a facial or massage and have your hair cut regularly. Maintaining yourself with beauty treatments will indeed make you feel more beautiful.

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