The 5 Qualities You Don’t Appreciate

Celebrate What’s Good About You

Loving yourself can be challenging—we all have insecurities and hang-ups that can threaten our self-esteem. And for many of us, there are a few nagging things about ourselves that hold us back from really thinking we’re awesome.

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What most of us forget is that we need to give ourselves more credit for the good qualities we do have, rather than always focusing on what we lack, or getting down about where we fall short. Learn to appreciate how amazing you truly are by checking out the following five highly underrated good qualities. Chances are, you have at least one of them. And that’s something to celebrate.

1. You’re Kind to People
It seems small, but simply being kind is really important. Treating people with respect and courtesy comes naturally for many of us, but that shouldn’t make it less meaningful. Being nice to everyone, no matter who they are—from the guy who takes your coffee order to the woman next to you on the subway, from your mom to your boss—is a treasured quality that’s often taken for granted.

2. You Have Great Friends
Chances are if you have great friends, you’re a pretty great person yourself. After all, no one would want to hang out with you if you weren’t someone others wanted to be around. We often overlook this fact, thinking friends are just a given of life. Not so. It takes work to make friends and even more effort to keep them—not to mention the time and care needed to make those bonds of friendship stronger. Don’t overlook your friend-making capacity. It matters.

3. You Learn From Your Mistakes
Being able to own up to your shortcomings, and apologize when needed, is hard. But it’s so important. What’s even more critical, however, is learning to adapt when you make a mistake and grow into a better person. Most of us are capable of this and work on ourselves as we journey through life. This work can be hard, though, and doing it is something we should all credit ourselves for.

4. You Can Look on the Bright Side
Of course, when life doesn’t go your way, it’s easy to get down about things and even start down a negative path. But being able to pull yourself back up and find the lesson amid tough times is a very underrated quality. Life is always going to throw us curveballs and learning to be resilient helps us get more out of our years on this planet. Chances are, you’ve already weathered many a storm while smiling. Good for you!

5. You Make Other People Feel Good
When others want to be in your presence, you know you’re doing something right. Being the type of person who lifts others up is often under appreciated. Yet having someone like that in your life makes things so much better. If you’ve ever been someone’s shoulder to cry on, or made a friend laugh, or shared joy with another person, you’ve got this quality for sure. Honor it, and yourself for having it.

5 thoughts on “The 5 Qualities You Don’t Appreciate

  1. Holly Simpson

    This came to me at a perfect time !!! Thank you so very much!!! Love light and blessings may all be yours !!!!!

  2. Boucha S. Khamphanh

    If the relationship is just traps. How how would you let other see any answer? To me if the intention becomes deadly. It just alveist that something s wrong. In any sunoryo!,


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