4 Ways to Protect Your Facebook

Facebook has come under fire in the last few weeks because of many users’ growing concerns over the network’s disrespect of users’ privacy. Recent uproar over a lax security setting that allowed users to read their friends’ private instant messaging, and that Facebook can reveal what websites you visit to other companies, has prompted many users to delete (or try deleting) their accounts.

Being worried that corporations are spying on your Facebook account is a real concern… but we all know that the real spies on Facebook are the users. Have you used Facebook to check in on an ex? Or somebody you’re interested in? We put a lot of information about ourselves on Facebook, and you can probably bet that all of your exes are jealously monitoring your information more often than you might like to think. We’ve all had that one past flame or fling who just won’t stop aggressively “liking” all of our posts, especially if they’re about hanging out with somebody new. Maybe we’ve even done it ourselves.

This is a totally new form of stress that didn’t exist in our lives even five years ago. Sometimes it can feel like everybody on the Internet spends their time spying on everyone else on the Internet. It’s no wonder that people are fed up with Facebook.

One might even wonder about it from the psychic angle… if people are constantly looking at your Facebook account, and pictures of you, can it actually have a psychic effect on you? If people are jealously haunting your Facebook profile, can it result in negative “vibes” carrying over to your life? Have you ever felt like somebody is “bad vibing” you through Facebook? If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes – let alone more than a day – stressing about a comment somebody wrote on your Facebook profile (or on their profile), then the answer is probably yes.

Here’s four ways to protect yourself from bad vibes and weirdness on Facebook:

  1. Start with the basics. If you’re taking Facebook too seriously, consider deleting your account. Or change your privacy settings so that only certain people can see your posts. You wouldn’t give your phone number to just anybody – and you shouldn’t give your Facebook to just anybody, either, since it’s a bit like giving away your photo albums, personal information, personality profile, location, contact info and list of social contacts.
  2. Be selective about what you put online. Assume that everything you put up will likely be recorded and later sold to somebody. Don’t put up phone numbers, addresses, scandalous photos that future employers may see, or anything that reveals more personal information about you than you would be comfortable with a random stranger on the street seeing. Imagine your Facebook being displayed on a billboard in the middle of New York City. If there’s anything you wouldn’t want shown there, then take it off your profile.
  3. Try this exercise (you don’t have to be psychic to do this). Tune in to your body, especially the area around your stomach, solar plexus and chest. Notice how it feels. This is the general area of the body in which you get immediate intuitive feelings about people you meet in person. It’s where you get “butterflies in the stomach” if you have a crush on somebody, or where you get “that sinking feeling” if you’re near somebody you don’t like. Now that you’re paying attention to your body, go to your “Friends” list and slowly go through it, taking the time to look at each profile pic. Notice how your body reacts. Don’t think or analyze – just pay attention to your body. Your body won’t lie to you – it can’t. It will tell you exactly what you need to know about each person. Do you get an uncomfortable twinge or feeling in your body when you look at somebody, or even a feeling of fear? Then delete them!
  4. Imagine a field of white protective light around your Facebook profile. Try this short prayer or setting of intention: “Highest good in the universe, please protect my Facebook profile, keep away all negative influences, and help me to use it as a tool only for my own highest good.” (If it seems weird to be praying and visualizing energy over a web page, well… welcome to the 21st century!) If you work with angels, spirit guides or other protectors, you can also call them in by name to assist you.

What are your own strategies for “keeping it clean” on Facebook?

17 thoughts on “4 Ways to Protect Your Facebook

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  12. synpunct

    Very good tips and cautions, Thank you.

    Not only that aspect, but for the protection from hackers and those who want to corrupt your whole FB and all your friends FB and their e-mail addresses.
    My good friend had this happen to her, some one got into her FB some how, HOW? and was sending an e-mail to all the people in her address book, some horrid message appearing to be from her. It is damaging and destructive, it is hurtful to the victim, unnecessary, these hackers have nothing else to do but go around spreading viruses and corrupting. How can we be safer and protect our selves and our friends for that matter?

  13. Yas

    I don’t understand all the general complaining on Facebook’s privacy issues. You should never display information that you do not want shared, anywhere on the internet. Facebook is just another example. People constantly complain about their business being out there, but THEY are the ones putting their business on the page.

    Now, I do agree that Facebook has strong ethical issues when it comes to not sharing our private info that we provide for sign up, but other than, we are all responsible ourselves.

  14. Abigailx9570

    Nice write up be mindful in assumptions of what may or may not be. Facebook and other sites such a myspace can ruin and break up couples if you allow it.

    Many Blessings

  15. misskrystalmisskrystal

    My mother was just telling someone who is very special to her to GET OFF FB-
    She thinks it is terrible for people to know your biz etc.
    I have not made a decision about it, asofar. Just like everything else, pretty much, the Internet has pros and cons. I appreciate this article. Thanks. Miss Krystal

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi……great tips….

    and yes, I agree with Maryann about clients using facebook to spy on an X…etc…..my advice to clients is :don’t believe everything you see or read on Facebook…..

    I’m not on facebook, myspace, twitter, or any of the rest of them…..don’t have time ……glad I never signed onto any of that.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. maryannex9146Maryanne x9146


    Thanks for an excellent article and a very timely one.

    A number of callers lately have reported being upset or hurt by something they see on someone else’s Facebook page. Some of the postings have turned out in readings to have been placed specifically to make an ex jealous or in retaliation for some perceived slight. Yes, some of the callers admit to “spying” on an ex in an almost obsessive way and geting their feelings hurt almost every time they do. I know, I know-if it hurts, stop doing it-but the clients don’t seem to be able to do it.

    Thanks for giving all of us good guidelines for managing “social network” sites.


    Ext. 9146


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