4 Reasons to Stop Complaining

Don’t Play the Victim

My mother always told me that it’s not good to keep your emotions to yourself. You need to let them out in order to free yourself from the stress and pain they cause. Negative emotions also keep you from finding your happiness. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to express your emotions. The trick is not to turn to complaining, which so many of us tend to do. Here are four reasons why complaining is one of the worst ways to deal with life’s disappointments.

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1. Complaining is Not the Same as Venting
When you have a problem and you share it because you are seeking a solution, that’s venting. The problem is important to you, but it’s most important that you fix it. However, if you’re more focused on the problem, and couldn’t care less about the solution, you’re complaining. Complaining will get you sympathy and attention, but not for long. If you are a habitual complainer, people will feel dragged down by your emotions and will be less likely to offer you the sympathy and attention you crave.

2. Complaining is Contagious
You may think you don’t complain a lot and maybe you’re even annoyed by people who complain a lot, but guess what? You probably complain more than you think and your complaining is attracting other complainers. When you complain, you train yourself to have negative thoughts and your negativity attracts other negative people. Suddenly you’re surrounded by negative people and there is a lot of negativity in your life.

3. Complaining Teaches You to Be a Victim
When you complain, you focus on your victimhood. And when you play the victim, you release yourself from responsibility, and put it in someone else’s hands. That means that you don’t think you can make things better. That means you won’t look for the solution, so you’ll just put up with it until something or someone else intervenes. You need to be proactive instead. That means you need to take responsibility, seek solutions and take control of your own life.

4. Complaining Makes You Focus on the Bad
Why is it so much more “entertaining” to talk about your jerk coworker than it is to talk about your direct report who goes above and beyond every day? Why do you remember the bad parts of your day more easily than the good parts of your day? If you’re a complainer, the negative aspects of your day give you something to complain about. Let’s focus on the positive aspects of your day instead. This will make your life more positive and that means you’ll have less to complain about.

Happiness is a choice, not a privilege. You are not the victim of bad luck, but you could be the victim of indecision or a bad attitude. Complaining takes you out of the driver’s seat and prevents you from taking responsibility for your own life. So learn to complain less and start being more proactive about your life instead.

4 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Stop Complaining

  1. renee

    I been having alot of bad situations happening in my life .my job,coworkers, my relationship. My family ,my kids, financial,and was in a car accident and left without a car and struggling daily.


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