3 Ways to Move On From Being Laid Off

About two years ago, I collected unemployment for the first time in my life. The company I worked for reorganized and moved all 100 jobs back to the Midwest. I could have followed, but I felt very rooted on the West coast. I was devastated and I even felt responsible for being laid off. Luckily, that didn’t last long. Within a few weeks, I felt freer to explore my dormant creative side (mostly writing).

There are a few lessons I learned and Psychic Yvonne hit on many of the lessons I learned in the video. One of the biggest lessons learned that I want to share with you: get out of your head. Talking to someone, like a psychic, can provide deeper insights than you can give yourself. But before I get too far ahead, here are a few other lessons I’ve learned that will help you transition through this time.

1. It’s Not About You

As Yvonne says in the video, it’s all about business. I was once told that if the company could save money by getting rid of your job, they will do so. Once that sunk in, I realized that I was expecting the company to treat me like family. After all, I spent hours and hours there working for them. Didn’t I deserve to be treated better by them? Nope. The company didn’t need to treat me better, I did. It’s my responsibility, not the company’s, to seek to my happiness.

2. Time to Move On

I had worked at this company for over nine years and without getting a higher degree, I had reached my limits within the company (unless I wanted to move to another state or country). Within a few weeks after the layoff, I realized it was time for me to move on. I knew this because as I was looking for a new job in a similar field, nothing felt right. Of course, I applied (I applied for hundreds of jobs), but I finally admitted to myself that I didn’t want to do the same thing again.

3. Reinvent Yourself

Those are two very, very intimidating words, “reinvent yourself.” I went back to school to brush up on Web design all the while continuing my spiritual studies. During all of this, I began writing a lot. This latent talent suddenly awoke within me, and I felt alive again. It took a few more weeks before I realized that I would look for writing jobs.

What also helped was to talk to someone. When I was talking with Yvonne, she mentioned that she can see the path ahead for people. With clarity, she can see if you’re stepping in the right direction and help guide you through any obstacles. It’s great to know there are folks who can see beyond my limited focus. It gives me strength and confidence to know that I’m not alone in this struggle and there are answers waiting for me.

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One thought on “3 Ways to Move On From Being Laid Off

  1. Lisa N

    Hi, I am layed off once again. I was trying to catch up on bills but then this job ended. I would love to talk to a psychic that could see my path ahead, however every bit of money goes for bills. I feel stuck and want to get out!


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