3 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Visualize Your Goals and Meet Them

The power of visualizing your goals and meeting them is within all of us. It has been a tried and true practice dating back to the teachings of Abraham right up to more modern success stories like that of Starbucks’ Howard Schulz and beyond. Seeing yourself in the place or situation you would like to be in is where it begins.

Thoughts and Belief

If you’re dreaming of doing a guest appearance on your favorite TV show, retiring in a quaint Italian village, or even just losing those last ten pounds, using the power of the mind and visualization can set you on the path to reaching and meeting your goal. Just close your eyes for a second and see yourself getting that diploma, or starting that company. Then give yourself tools to help remind you of where you are going, telling yourself that is where you will be, and actually seeing yourself there. Most of all, you must believe.

At the very least, visualizing your goals on a daily basis, if even for only a few minutes a day, will reset your mind, and help you build formative plans. Your actions will soon be geared towards meeting those goals, and before you know it, your conscious and subconscious minds are working in sync and you’re doing the very things that will lead you to success.


Take a corkboard and make it into your Goal Board. When you find things that strike you, like a picture of that beautiful beachfront home you want to own one day, cut out that picture and put it on your Goal Board. Put up quotes and articles written by mentors or that seem to fit your vision. Go ahead and throw in that picture of the future you driving 120 mph down the Autobahn with your hair flying in the wind. Nothing is too crazy or too far-fetched. Looking at your Goal Board and updating it to match your goals will give you a visual affirmation of your visions for the future. Now you have a clear picture in your mind, for when you close your eyes and visualize. You will smile when you see just how many of those dreams can come true.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Your goals don’t have to be long-term. In fact, a short-term goal, visualized and met, may give an adrenaline boost to your confidence, affirming that your long-term goals are attainable. Goals don’t have to be huge either; your goals can be as small as eliminating clutter. Like short-term goals, visualizing and meeting small goals, can also give you the belief that meeting the larger goals won’t be so hard after all.

Once you’ve visualized and met a goal, it becomes easier and easier as a practice. However, chances are your goals will get loftier over time, once you see it is actually possible. Some gifts are meant to be waited on, just don’t give up your on visions or your dreams. Believe.

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10 thoughts on “3 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Marc from the UK

    I agree that visualisation works, I am currently relocating my work (business) I visualised how I would set up the store, how I can apply myself to the task, (not if) but how! I visualise how my relationship will be with people in the building, and apply that to task, I visualise how my business will prosper and what type of customer I will attract, it does work! We have all had that time when we think I must call my mum or friend and hey ho! they ring or email or text! this is visualisation working in a crude way. I need to try and hone my skills more and make it better, but give it a try!

  2. carl

    always keep steady at reaching your goal, it doesnt matter how fast or slow you move, what matters most is keeping focused and being sincere to yourself.

  3. The New King

    With Great Effort doing what you got to do.Don,T let 1 or 2 people decide your LIFE, go with the MORGORITY as CAREERS.Who made The Mountians, who made the Sea,s Somebody Bigger than you and I. From the BirthDay Boy SIR Julius OCT 13 BIGBABY!BABY! BABY !BABY!!

  4. margie abes

    I believe,that believing your dreams is a great of help to make it.Believe it,and it will come true.Claim it,and it will granted to you.

  5. LJ Innes

    Hey Maureen, I have a similar check on my board! LOL. Thanks everyone for your comments, I read them all, and appreciate them so much!

  6. Pauline

    I have believed from the time I was a child in Hawaii, that the glass is always half full………..never half empty. I have had my share of trials but somehow remain cheerful and happy. It’s been a reall blessing in my life. I also read once that it takes only eleven muscles to smile and more than sixty to frown. That’s a no brainer. Smiling is better.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    By honing your visualization skills and abilities , you will be creating a powerful tool…..but you need to stick to it faithfully and use your imagination.

    ( I teach these skills to my students, and they really do work )

    great article, by LJ Innes

  8. Maureen

    I have such a board up on my wall, in fact i have two. Some of my goals have being reached. I have a two million cheque on the board, which has been there for the last two and a half years I am still awaiting that goal to come to fruition.


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