Your Venus Love Forecast for February 2013

What’s Ahead for You and Love?

Venus will be spending most of February in the sign of Aquarius, steaming things up for all the Air signs. The planet of love will finally find its way into Pisces during the last few days of the month, when the romantic heat will really start to rise for all our Water sign friends.


Your social life should really be buzzing this month. Just be aware that an unexpected encounter with a friend early in the month could turn into something a little more romantic by Valentine’s Day. You better get it while you can before your love life really starts shifting into low gear towards the end of the month.

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Don’t be surprised if you find yourself starting to feel a little attracted to a superior at work this month. But whatever’s going on in your love life right now, just be sure to tread carefully around the 10th and the 11th when it’ll be way too easy for you to stir up trouble in all your important relationships.


Don’t be afraid to take a few chances and be a little adventurous where your love life is concerned right now. There should be plenty of romantic opportunities available for you this month, particularly around the 6th and the 7th when Venus, Jupiter and Uranus will be forming a potent cosmic threesome that’ll be energizing all your romantic endeavors.


If you play your cards right, you should have the opportunity to take an important relationship with someone to a much deeper level right now. Just be aware that Venus and Neptune should be conspiring to conjure up some magical romantic experiences for you during the last couple days of the month.


If things have been a little sluggish for you on the romantic front lately, don’t be afraid to be a little spontaneous and try something new if you really want to liven up your love life this month. Just be careful that you don’t allow your own insecurities to end up undermining your efforts right now.


Try not to let yourself get too flirtatious with an overly friendly co-worker this month. Just realize that any sort of office romance at this time can only lead to trouble. But don’t worry, your romantic prospects should be improving towards the end of the month, and March should hold much more promising portents for your love life.


Some unexpected romantic opportunities should be available to you this month, particularly around the 6th and the 7th when Venus and Jupiter will both be boosting your charms and blessing all your romantic endeavors. So don’t be afraid to open up and express your feelings for someone special right now.


If things start getting a little tricky in your most important relationships early in the month, rather than retreat into your own private world, just try to plan a romantic evening or two around the house if you can. Things should start looking much more promising towards the end of the month when Venus and Neptune will be ready to help make magic happen.

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You shouldn’t be afraid to go ahead and let someone know how you really feel this month. It’s the perfect time to share your feelings for anyone who really matters to you. So don’t hesitate to open up your heart to someone you really care about. Just be careful not to let any confusion towards the end of the month sabotage all your progress.


You shouldn’t hesitate to spend a little money on someone special this month. If you’re just willing to be a little generous, it could really help you make a great impression right now. Later in the month, don’t be afraid to overcome that usual Capricorn reticence and find just the right romantic words to help you seal the deal.


With Venus heating things up in your sign for most of the month, it’s the perfect time to really start revving up your love life. Romantic opportunities should be all around you, and you just better be ready to take advantage of them. It’ll be tough for anyone to resist your charms right now, and Valentine’s Day could end up bringing some real romantic surprises your way.


Things will be a little quiet in your love life for most of the month and you might not want to count on a very eventful Valentine’s Day this year. But everything should start picking up for you the last few days of the month once Venus makes its move into your sign on the 25th. Just try not to let yourself get a little too lost in love if you can help it.

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8 thoughts on “Your Venus Love Forecast for February 2013

  1. virgo

    This is for Carlene,
    I will have to say there Carlene that it is best to let this relationship go as you are a Virgo like myself and your partner is that of a fire sign Aries as you are a lot stronger than what he is as you are a material person upon where he is an inspirational person and does not care for much of material possessions as you are the mutable communicator of the Earth element and for he is the cardinal leader of the fire element for you are much too stronger in nature for him and eventually the communication and the trust between use will eventually collapse so this is one person tat i wouls stay well and truly away from sure talk and just be friends but what ever you do do not get involved with this particular man as for into the future will end up in divorce courts and have a great deal of depth of no empathy between the two of you but i am terribly sorry to be so blunt as the fire and earth combinations require so much tolerance that it is heart and soul drenching as it would be like in a relationship like this to always be walking on egg shells as the both of use would end being in a very possessive relationship and none of use would be able to live outside of the square and therefore use would not grow and flourish within years to come your best matches for you in personality traits is either a Virgo like yourself a Taurus or a Taurean or a Capricorn as you will and would find far better empathy and understanding within these individuals wether male or female, there are also (2) water signs for you if you wish but would no give you the same level as empathy and understanding as you would with your very own earth element counterparts and they are either a Cancer or a Cancerian or a Scorpio or a Scorpion but as i had said that any Earth sign like yourself or any of the other (2) that i have mentioned and that is either a Taurus or a Capricorn or a virgo like yourself would give you much more happier days and pleasure than this Aries born soul would, but once again i am terribly sorry for this but get out on while you still can, but the choice is totally up to you as i am only trying to help you to avoid controversial issues and far too much heart break into the near distant future for yourself and for your families sake, but it is totally up to you bye for now and take care and the best of British and god bless. And even if he was a pisces you would still have problems as toleration would be a major problem once again, but the choice is yours bye for now and god bless. and take care.

  2. jennifer

    I am still passionately in love with my ex. We were together for 13 years. Will we ever find our way back to one another?

  3. Mary Ellen Roberts

    my love life has been dead the last three years my husband of 43 yrs left me for someone thirty years younger all because of alcahol one nights mistake.

  4. Janet Thomson

    I have been single since August 10th 2000 and at the present time I told someone by e-mail in September 2012 that i have feeling for him and at the time he said he was not looking for a girlfriend but since that time we have being talking to each other more, will I ever find love from him a friend seems to think he isjust shy to reveal hi9s true feelings

  5. jeannie

    I would really like for someone to answer me on one thing that i can never get a answer to that is the person that i love with is in love with me and if so when will get toghther

  6. Carlene

    I have a pices I am interested in and he was me ….will this relationship flourish…his bday is mar 20 and mine is sept 20


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